A Good Day for a PR

I last did front squats two weeks ago, and they felt brutally tough. They were so tough that I made the decision to stick to 115 pounds for my work sets, which really isn’t much weight at all. Prior to that session, I hadn’t done front squats for almost a month and even then the weight was no more than 125 pounds. While I don’t mind doing front squats, with a bunch of competitions in a relatively short period of time, their place in my training has been quite limited. So, although I knew that front squats were on the agenda for today, I really didn’t expect them to feel much easier.

1a. front squats, with knee sleeves

43 x 8, 63 x 5, 93 x 5, 123 x 5, 145 x 5

with belt: 165 x 3, 180 x 1, 190 x 1 PR, 200 x 0

The squats were feeling fast and strong from the get-go, so Michael asked about my previous PR. Way back in November I did a single at 185 pounds. The squats were looking good, so Michael let me attempt a new PR. The 190 moved pretty good, so we tried for 200. It didn’t quite happen, but I’m so close. I’m looking forward to the day I can check off that goal! And I am super excited about how good these felt today after how tough they’ve felt recently.

1b. close grip bench press, touch and go <sigh>

45 x 8, 65 x 8, 85 x 5, 105 x 5

with slingshot: 115 x 5, 135 x 1 + 2.5

Michael let me slow down the eccentric a bit, so that I could maintain some degree of control. With touch and go I think that keeping control of my positioning is one of my biggest challenges. Slowing down the eccentric seemed to help. Mostly. I hit some trouble with the slingshot @ 135 pounds. The first rep came down much too high on my chest. I racked the bar, took a moment, and tried again. Then I ran into some problems. I’m sure my right shoulder came undone, and Michael said that the slingshot and my arms were not even . So we scrapped the slingshot, dropped the weight and made sure I was setting up properly.

105 x 0

Michael confirmed the weight with me, as I sat up and slumped over. Yes, it was 105 pounds. Didn’t I just do that for 5? Yes, I did. Breathe. Regroup. Reset.

105 x 5

105 x 5 better!

2. speed deadlifts with chains, each set every minute on the minute

135 + 80 pounds of chain x 3

155 + 80 x 3, x 3, x 3, x 2, x 2

135 + 80 x 3, x 3, x 3, x 3

Those were kind of fun!



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