Getting Back into the Groove

Every day has me feeling a little bit better, although I am still not 100%. The headache has settled to a simmer, so close to being non-existent and yet not quite, but I will take this over the full-blown headaches of last week. The neck still feels off, but it doesn’t actively hurt except at extreme ranges of motion. The past three days have been very good, which is such a relief. Of course, nobody likes to be hurt and in pain, but I think the injury played with my inner thoughts more deeply than the physical pain. It was frustrating and depressing. With these good days all in a row, I am feeling lighter, less stressed and ready to begin focusing on the upcoming Provincials. As such I was really looking forward to training this afternoon, knowing that deadlifts would be on the agenda, because some days they are my favourite. I also thought that the change in my mood would result in a better training session.

1a. deadlifts

95 x 8 sumo and I whacked my knees really good in the midst of this set. The skin is more or less intact, but I just might end up with some bruises. C’est la vie!

135 x 6 sumo, x 6 conventional

165 x 6 sumo, x 6 conventional with straps from here on

195 x 5 + 1 sumo because Michael miscounted my reps. Have to say that resetting for that final rep made the rep so much tougher!

195 x 6 conventional

The deadlifts weren’t too bad today, I think. They were definitely better than last week when I was in headache hell and fighting depression. For the most part, I think I remembered to push with my legs, although Michael may have needed to remind me of that at first.

1b. floor press, my typical competition grip

47 x 10, 67 x 6, 87 x 6, 97 x 6, 102 x 6, 102 x 6

These felt great today.

2a. block pulls, with straps

195 x 3 sumo, x 3 conventional

225 x 2 + 4 with belt conventional

Conventional block pulls suck, and they are messing with my head. I got the first two reps, lost mental focus, stalled out. Took a short rest, put on the belt and finished the set.

225 x 5 sumo

225 x 2 + 1 conventional

See what I mean? Conventional block pulls=mental block! Although in this set, Michael stopped me after the second rep to correct my elbow position by turning the elbows in towards my body to really tighten the lats. That makes a lot of sense and possibly explains why I have always struggled to feel like my lats were wholly engaging as I’d set up for my deadlifts. But, resetting to finish my set was easier said that done! The change in elbow position felt better, but I just wasn’t mentally there to do more reps.

225 x 5 sumo

Sumo block pulls are so much easier, and I worked at keeping those elbows tucked in. I think that definitely helps keep my lats tight.

225 x 5 sumo

2b. bent over barbell row, deadlift specific

95 x 12, 105 x 12, 110 x 9, 110 x 10

I expected these to feel tough. Either I am getting better at them or I wasn’t doing them properly! Ha! Although Michael was keeping an eye on me, so I’m sure he would have corrected me if I wasn’t doing them how he wanted. I’ll take getting stronger. My self-confidence could use the boost right now.


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