Head Case

I feel like a can of pop that has been violently shaken and placed on the counter unopened. Thoughts, words and ideas are bubbling away inside of my head, yet I feel tightly closed up. There is a burning need to do something, to say something, to write something; I just don’t know what. It is a crazy feeling, restless energy that cannot be expended by physical activity.

The thoughts inside my head are a jumbled mess. Powerlifting. Nutrition. Work. Friendships. Other relationships. Pain and injuries. Provincials. Westerns. Super-hero movies, seen and yet to be seen. Books I am reading, have read and want to read. Photographs. T-shirt designs. Quotes. To-do lists. Journal and blog and random notebook entries. My inability to successfully make and flip a pancake. Dreams. Tattoos. Kids. Life changes. Regrets. Choices and consequences. Future possibilities. What if’s. Lions, tigers and bears. Memories. Unfinished projects. Brainwaves of creativity and how best to take the ideas to realities. Jokes. Song lyrics. Notes to self. Useless trivia and information. What’s for dinner today? Tomorrow? How can I get from point A to B while avoiding the most traffic? Did my husband really leave my car on empty again?! Mental calculations for knowing how much sleep I can get if I manage to fall asleep at this time when my alarm is set for that time. How much water have I consumed so far today? Am I hungry? Ooh, there’s a good idea! What was that idea again?

Of course, there is so much more inside my head than that. I may not always speak much, but there is always lots going on inside my head.


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