Turning of the Tide

What a difference a day can make! Yesterday I was in so much pain at work, and my coach nearly made me cry when he asked me if training through this injury was a good idea. I have to admit that I was feeling a little down, frustrated with myself and with the injury, and despairing that improvement was going to come too slowly. Foremost in my mind has been the fact that Provincials, my biggest competition to date, is in a little more than three weeks, and the nagging sensation that this injury might negatively impact my training and my performance on the platform at the end of June. Every work day since my accident has been a nightmare of pain and suffering, so I expected today to be much of the same.

It wasn’t! Of course, there was still pain. Still that ever-present headache. However, I had a fairly decent day. Today was actually the first day of work since the box incident where I wasn’t in excruciating pain. I felt more like myself, able to laugh and joke and do my job with hustle and energy. You have no idea how good it was to feel like myself at work today, even with a raging headache! I didn’t need to lay down on the floor at work once, and I didn’t come rushing home to die on my living room floor after work. Well, I did spend an hour on my living room floor after work, but not because I was dying from the pain. My back actually felt okay, except for some mild stiffness from training. The neck still felt off, but I have a feeling that might last a while. As I mentioned, the headache has been ongoing and reasonably, or unreasonably at times, strong, but that was my biggest complaint of the day.

Then I went to see my chiropractor. I like my chiropractor. Scratch that. I love my chiropractor! Without him, I would still be extremely skeptical and distrustful of the entire chiropractic profession. He changed my opinion, although I have to admit that my newfound trust in the profession is rather limited. I trust my chiropractor and those who work in his clinic, but my trust ends there. My chiropractor is amazing. He is someone that I can consider a friend, which is probably a good thing considering the pain that he often inflicts on me in treatment. He might say that he is merely saving me from myself, and there is likely some truth to that; however, I think he takes some pleasure in inflicting torture.

Today was no different. Thanks to the box incident, I get to see my chiropractor much more often than I am used to seeing him of late. I’ve seen him three times in eight days already, and I shall see him again on Thursday. Of course, he inflicted pain today, but he also scraped my neck and the base of my scalp, which actually felt kind of nice. But you know what was the best part of my visit? He said that my mobility was better than the last time he saw me! In fact, things were looking better overall compared to Friday when he last saw me. <big sigh>

Also, as I expected, my chiropractor confirmed that I was okay to continue training, that he would have told me if training was going to negatively impact my injury. Even though I knew that he would have said something about it if that were an issue, it was still a relief to have that confirmed. I know that my coach is only looking out for my well-being; I appreciate that. Yet it is still a relief to know that my body is actually improving. I was warned that there may still be days that don’t feel very good, so I guess I need to expect ups and downs with the pain; however, today really did feel like a turning point, so to speak. I expected the work day to be just another day of pain that sucked the life out of me, but that wasn’t what I experienced today. That makes me feel more optimistic about tomorrow and the next few weeks. I’m looking forward to telling my coach that training is okay, that today was a better day and things were looking better than they were a few days ago. I can’t help but feel like today’s positivity will make me feel  more optimistic about my training and the upcoming competition. Perhaps I can stop dwelling on what happened to me and instead focus on what I plan on doing in a few weeks!


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