Frustrating Friday

My coach reminded me today that everything isn’t always going to be perfect. Can you hear my grumbling through your computer screen? It wasn’t a terribly bad training session, but it also still wasn’t quite what I wanted it to be. I am frustrated because a box fell on my neck. I am frustrated, because I hurt. Frustrated because I hurt because I somehow allowed a box to fall on my neck. I can suck up pain pretty well. I don’t like to show weakness, which means I will often downplay the amount of pain I am in…to a point. The amount of pain that I have experienced so far this week has ebbed and flowed, worse at work, easing somewhat when I am not at work. The headache and neck are most persistent and draining, exhausting. My midweek days off were not so bad, but everything exploded as I worked today. Today’s chiropractic appointment was not very comfortable. It felt like my chiropractor was going to kill me as I lay face-down on his table, but I survived to tell my sad story. The moral of the story is do not let boxes fall on your neck!

1. deadlifts, sumo and conventional!

Today was all about working on 5 cues: take the slack out of the bar, tighten the lats, bring the hips close to the bar, brace, and…I think I’m butchering and forgetting the cues! The point of them isn’t to consciously take them one step at a time but rather for them to become a smooth routine.

95 x 7 sumo

135 x 6 conventional, 135 x 6 sumo

165 x 6, conventional, 165 x 6 sumo

with straps: 195 x 5 conventional, 195 x 4 sumo

I was supposed to do sets of 6 here, but I struggled. In all honesty, with every round, the conventional deadlifts felt so much tougher than the sumo. So why did I only get 4 reps with the sumo? I don’t know. Michael asked how I was feeling, what was going on, and the best answer I could give was that it’s not my week. This was when he reminded me that everything can’t always be perfect. As much as I might want to be perfect, I know it won’t always be that way. That knowledge doesn’t ease the frustration though, and I am frustrated because I am hurting and not feeling quite like myself. I have a competition in a month, and suddenly little doubts are penetrating my self-confidence. Does any of that make sense?

At any rate, Michael said that my problem with that set was that I was pulling too much with my back again; so for me, pushing my legs into the floor is one cue that I need.

195 x 6 conventional, 195 x 6 sumo

I think these were better.

2. block pulls, with straps

195 x 5 conventional, 195 x 6 sumo

The conventional block pulls felt incredibly tough, while the sumo pulls felt incredibly easy. Michael wasn’t sure that I was tightening my abs enough though.

195 x 4 conventional and Michael put an end to the block pulls

3. bent over barbell rows, deadlift specific

75 x 15, 75 x 10, 75 x 7

The reduction in reps is due to Michael correcting my body position to where he wanted it in order to target the areas he wanted to hit. Let me just say that his adjustments made the task so much harder, but I guess that’s why he wants to target those areas! I need a strong upper back to lift heavy things.

So, it wasn’t a terrible training session. I still got to lift heavy things, lots of heavy things actually. I got to work on technique. I think I still smiled and laughed at some point. I was happy to be there, happy to train, happy that my neck isn’t so bad that I cannot train at all. That counts for something.



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