The Weigh-in

I trust my coach. While I always trust him, I have been especially trusting over the past couple of months as we have been managing my weight, first to gain a bit of weight, then to drop some weight, and lastly to get through this last week with water-loading, weight cutting and the weigh-in. It has been a finicky process, at times, so I am glad to have someone to tell me what to do and when to do it. If I was left to my own devices, I would probably lose too much weight too soon, and I would definitely panic if the weight didn’t drop as quickly as I thought it should.

I have trusted my coach, and I have been focused and determined to reach this goal, the little goal of making my weight class in order to have a shot at my bigger goal. I gave up wheat and sugar and wine and drastically cut my dairy. I went back to tracking my food and managing my micros. I drank more water this week than one would think humanly possible. I had virtually nothing to eat or drink today, not until after 5:00 PM. It wasn’t always easy. It definitely wasn’t always fun or enjoyable, but I have always believed my goal was worth the effort and discomfort.

I needed to weigh 148.8 pounds (67.5kg) or less at the weigh-in. This morning, I was 150.65 pounds. See, if I didn’t trust my coach, I would have been panicking at that point, but I was pretty much where he wanted me to be. I trusted. Because I am who I am, I stepped on the scale regularly throughout the day and watched that number slowly drop. When I left the house to head to the weigh-in, my scale said 148.65. I thought I was good to go! I arrived at the gym, checked my rack heights and got myself weighed. I was 67.7kg.

The switching to pounds and kilograms tends to mess me up, and so I didn’t immediately comprehend that my weight was over the weight class. I almost wound up agreeing to moving up a weight class, which is definitely not what I wanted to do. Not for this competition! Thankfully, I realized my mistake quickly and said that I would like to try weighing in again within the time limit, to try to lose that little bit of weight. To be honest, I was a little baffled and not thinking very clearly in my confusion. I fired off a text to my coach to let him know that I was over. I sat. I waited. I went to tell my husband that I couldn’t leave yet. My coached called me, asked if there was a treadmill I could run on, mentioned driving around in the car with the heat on, but then he asked if I had taken off my clothes for the weigh-in. No! How did I forget that that was an option?! So, I went back to the weigh-in area after a detour to the bathroom ,because why not make sure my bladder was empty when every ounce mattered. When I appeared back to be weighed in, the meet director offered a hot shower, but I said I was going to just try taking my clothes off first. And that was enough! This time I was 67.3 kg or 148.37. Perfect! Michael wanted me to be as close to the bubble as possible.

Having made weight I was greatly relieved and happy, but it soon became obvious that my head was still not functioning well. I rejoined my husband, grabbed my water bottle to begin refueling my body, and I had a heck of time trying to open it. I was putting every bit of muscle into twisting the lid off, but it wasn’t budging one little bit. After what seemed like an eternity of unsuccessful efforts, I realized that I had my bottle upside-down! No wonder I couldn’t open it.

But I made weight and began refueling. I am still in the process of feeding, even though I’ve been full for at least two hours already. As of an hour ago, I had already gained back nearly 4 pounds. My coach would love it if I was up to 155 pounds by the morning…a little less than 3 pounds to go! Tomorrow is the big day!


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