Ready, Waiting

“My strength lies solely in my tenacity.” ~Louis Pasteur

Two days until competition and I am already significantly bored with the waiting. My lists of things to get done are mostly all crossed out now, except for a few things that can only be done at the last moment. My gym bag has been emptied and re-packed. The camera battery has been charged. Wine is chilling in the fridge for after the competition. My fingernails and toenails have been painted a hypnotic purple. I have my openers, my signed waiver, and I’ve given the rulebook another quick read-through. My ipod has been charged, and my playlist created. There is a pizza in the fridge, so that I can bring a couple of slices with me to eat right after I weigh-in tomorrow night…and a box of cookies. A box of Fruit Loops is hidden away, so the kids don’t eat it all before I’ve had my traditional 2-3 bowls pre-competition. I’ve looked up the directions to the gym where the competition is being held, so I know where I’m going. The water-loading is going well. My coach says I am on track with my weight, but I’ll admit that I will likely feel some degree of stress tomorrow until weigh-in is complete and successful.

Mostly I am feeling rather good, physically and mentally. Despite drinking 4 litres of water on Monday, 5 litres on Tuesday, and 6 litres yesterday, I have actually slept quite well so far this week and have only been up 1-2 times in the night to use the bathroom. Hey, that’s better than some nights without the water-load!


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