Nailed It

Eleven days until competition, and I have a three day weekend that begins now. While I was working, I made a spur of the moment decision to get myself a manicure after work. I think the last, and only, time I have had a professionally done manicure was close to 10 years ago! That seems strange to admit, because I absolutely love nail polish. I have been blessed with strong fingernails that grow, and I am able to function quite well with them kept long; however, I have grown to accept that long fingernails and powerlifting really don’t work well together. It could be done, I suppose, but I’d rather keep my nails shorter now to avoid a painful broken nail or self-inflicted gouging.

I felt like an alien as I got my nails done this afternoon. All of the people, males and females, working in the salon were of Asian descent, which is completely fine. It just felt rather awkward when they would begin to talk to each other across the room in their own language. I have Philippino co-workers who sometimes speak to each other in their language, and it really doesn’t bother me. Sometimes though it just feels weird. The gentleman working on my hands eventually told me that they were talking about food. Okay. Honestly, I don’t mind not being required to make small talk with a stranger!

As if that wasn’t foreign enough, I am so clueless as to manicure procedures. I was told, or more like motioned, to put one hand somewhere to dry, but I had not a single clue what I was supposed to do or where I was supposed to put my hand. When I finally figured it out, I think I dinged the fresh polish at least once or twice. Yup! There are a couple of imperfections, but they are my own fault. That’s pretty standard for me though. I love nail polish, but I use my hands and I abuse them. I was asked what I did for fun when I wasn’t working…powerlifting?! In other words, my nails are gonna look like crap in a day or two anyway! But for today, this moment with the exception of those little dings, my nails look great with silver, sparkly nail polish!


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