The Wheel of Excellence

A few days ago, my coach sent me a link to an excellent article, The Wheel of Excellence by Terry Orlick. I have read it through completely twice now and skimmed parts of it a few times more. It’s a fairly lengthy article, so you can follow the link to read the whole of it; however, I do want to touch on a few things here and now.

Here are the key points to the wheel of excellence:

1. Commitment

  • to excel
  • to be the best I can be
  • to do everything required to excel
  • to develop the mental, physical and technical links to excellence
  • to set clear personal goals and relentlessly pursue them
  • to persist in the face of obstacles
  • to give everything of myself that I can give

2. Belief/Self-confidence

  • in my own potential
  • in the meaningfulness of my pursuit
  • in my focus
  • in my capacity to achieve my goal(s)
  • in my preparation or readiness
  • in those with whom I work or play

3. Full Focus

  • for the duration of the performance
  • on the task at hand
  • in the moment
  • in the zone
  • on the performance
  • totally connecting to learning, experiencing or performing
  • on auto-pilot
  • letting things unfold naturally

4. Positive Images

  • dream big dreams
  • go after your dreams
  • follow a desired course of action
  • pursue specific targets or goals
  • prepare yourself to act and react in constructive ways
  • feel the flawless execution of desired performance skills
  • create positive feelings about yourself and your capacity
  • make corrections
  • remain positive
  • enhance confidence

5. Mental Readiness

  • create and take advantage of learning and performance opportunities
  • develop essential mental, physical and technical skills necessary to excel in my pursuit
  • plan practice and prepare effectively
  • perform to capacity
  • follow a path that brings out the best in me
  • relax myself and my focus away from the performance zone

6. Distraction Control

  • maintain an effective focus
  • regain an effective focus when distracted before, during or after a performance
  • quickly re-enter “the zone” of high performance
  • perform consistently at a high level
  • stick with my own game plan
  • get adequate rest
  • stay on my own best path for personal excellence

7. Constructive Evaluation

  • reflect upon what I did well
  • reflect upon what I can refine or improve
  • draw out important lessons from each experience/performance
  • assess the role of my commitment, attitude, mental readiness, and focus in relation to my performance outcome
  • target areas for improvement
  • act upon the lessons learned

As I have read through this article and chewed it over in my head, I feel like I do a lot of these things well. Am I completely perfect? Of course not! There isn’t one area where I think I am glaringly in need of improvement, but I know that improvement is always possible, always required. Have I always done these things well? Not likely but I have grown into these habits, this mindset.



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