Do I Know Squat?

Nineteen days until competition, and I’ve been moved into a holding pattern for my weight loss. There is no real advantage to losing all the necessary weight too far in advance of the weigh-in, at least not in this competition with the weigh-in taking place the night before. Since I am now roughly 4 pounds from where I need to be, I can hold here until the final week. Of course, holding my weight means that I can consume a few more calories every day! It’s kind of nice to not feel like I am starving at random points in the day!

1a. squats, low bar

without belt: 45 x 8, 95 x 5, 125 x 5, 155 x 5

with belt: 175 x 3, 195 x 2, 205 x 1, 205 x 1

The first single at 205 was slower and tougher than it should have been, but I somehow had the bar lower on my back than normal for me. I suspected the problem almost immediately, as I had difficulty getting the bar off the rack cleanly. I also had to almost stand on my toes to get the bar back into the rack. I knew I was capable of better, so we did another single at the same weight, and this time I made sure the bar was properly positioned on my back. That rep was much better!

with belt: 195 x 3, 205 x 3

After the triple at 195, Michael asked if I wanted to take a 5 or 10 pound jump. Although he is really good at knowing what I am capable of or when I am struggling, I know that he still needs me to give him feedback as to how I am feeling or what I am thinking. I appreciate that, but sometimes I also dislike it. What if I am not really sure what I am feeling or thinking? What if I unintentionally say the wrong thing? What if I really want to feel strong and capable, but I am simply a little afraid? So, as much as I wanted to say yes to 205 pounds, I said yes to 200 instead. We put the weight on the bar, and I moved on to my bench set. When we came back to do the final set of squats, Michael changed his mind and had me do 205 pounds. My memory is hazy, but I think he made some comment about making me a little afraid; however, we both knew that I was more than capable with that weight. And I was.

1b. bench press, competition grip

43 x 10, 63 x 5, 85 x 5, 105 x 5, 110 x 1, 120 x 1

110 x 3 x 3 sets

It feels repetitive to say that my bench press felt good today. I seem to say that a lot lately, but I sure don’t get tired of saying it. The singles at 110 and 120 pounds both felt better than they did last week.

2a. TRX rows

x 15, x 12

band pull-aparts with orange band

5 reps with a 5 second hold

2b. pause squats, low bar, no belt

155 x 3

Michael kept these pauses fairly quick. He also said that my hips were rising faster than my chest.

180 x 3

180 x 3

I want to say these pauses were a little bit longer, but I honestly couldn’t say that with certainty. The weight still wasn’t super crazy heavy, but these might have looked a little slower and tougher because I was trying to get that chest moving at the same pace as the hips. So this week’s pause squats may not have been as wonderful as they have been lately, but I still love them.


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