Out of the Shadows

About a month ago I was in a local fitness equipment store in search of something to strengthen my grip. As I was breezing through my transaction, I noticed a regular customer of mine chatting with another salesperson. We briefly acknowledged each other as I finished paying for my item. We exchange a hello practically every morning that he comes into my work place for a cup of coffee, but a hello is usually the extent of our conversation.This morning, as I was clearing tables in the lobby, this same customer and I engaged in a rather lengthy conversation about powerlifting, or more specifically about my participation in powerlifting.

My customer seemed slightly surprised to learn that I am a powerlifter, that I hold National records, and that I am gunning for a World record next month; however, he never doubted me or thought that I was doing something unnatural. It was kind of nice to chat with someone who actually had at least a basic understanding of powerlifting. He asked what I was able to lift, immediately grasped just how close I am to that World record, proceeded to ask about my nutrition, and went on at length about the importance of having the right mindset. For what was actually only a handful of minutes, we had quite the conversation!

I guess I am just not used to being someone of interest to others. I am used to being in the shadows, unseen and unheard, taking up as little space as possible so that I wouldn’t be noticed. While I have been in the process of realizing that it is okay to take up space, to be seen and heard and noticed, it still is a novel sensation.



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