No April Fool

Competition is 6 weeks from tomorrow. While I truly am excited, right this very moment I am simply exhausted. I woke up around 1:00 this morning, not sure why and had difficulty falling back asleep for quite some time. Of course, the alarm was set for 4:00. Michael had mentioned cutting milk out of my diet a couple of days ago, so I have done just that. It isn’t that big of a deal; I don’t drink a lot of milk. However, I do enjoy an iced latte or two while at work. While I had already cut that down to one per work day, now I am having absolutely none. I missed that iced latte today. I missed it more than I miss anything else that I am currently not eating, but I will survive. Despite the disruption to sleep and the absence of espresso, I felt alert and ready for the gym this afternoon. I think it was a good training session, which is probably why I feel completely done in now.

1. block pulls

without belt: 95 x 8, 135 x 5

with straps and belt: 185 x 5, 215 x 3, 235 x 3 the second rep was the best…too loose for the others, 255 x 1 hips too low, x 1 hips higher

2a. deficit deadlifts, with straps and belt

185 x 5…need to get bar closer to my thighs, 205 x 5 better, 215 x 5…bar wasn’t centred over my mid-foot, 215 x 5 better, 225 x 5 PR

2b. floor press, competition grip

65 x 5, 95 x 5

with slingshot: 115 x 5, 130 x 3 PR, 130 x 1.5

I’m pretty pleased with the 3 reps at 130, since my all-time PR single was 132 pounds! Yeah, the slingshot helps. 😉

I’m not sure what happened on that last set. I got stuck midway up. I kind of think that my positioning was off, but it could also just be a case of fatigue.

3a. front squats, with belt except for the first set

95 x 5, 135 x 6, 145 x 4.5

Michael grabbed the bar on the fifth rep of that final set. I guess he thought I was in trouble. It was a little tough, but I didn’t think I was in trouble until he grabbed the bar to help me finish the rep. Maybe I was in more trouble than I realized! I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. 😉 And, it is probably my fault for being a little over-zealous on the weight increase for the second set.

3b. hanging knee raises

x 12, x 10 with leg extension on the descent





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