“Grateful for everything, entitled to nothing.” ~Jack Clark

A single tear has not welled up in my eyes since Monday. The sun has also been shining since Tuesday. Coincidence? Maybe not. While Monday was a deeply emotional cesspool, my mood these past few days has been the complete opposite. I cannot guarantee that there won’t be anymore days like Monday over the next six weeks; however, I do feel as if my inner world has been set to rights once again. We all go a little crazy from time to time, right? I don’t think I am the only one!

My weekend is rapidly drawing to a close, yet I feel utterly relaxed and revived. I have enjoyed going for a walk in the sunshine these past three days. Yes, I can actually say that I enjoyed walking! Of course, I would rather be running, but my focus on my goal is so sharp right now that I am content to ignore the longing in my heart to run.

My days off were somewhat productive, yet I never felt a lack of quiet, down time. In fact, today has been an especially restful sort of day, even with a 5.5 kilometre walk in the middle of my day. I have been in my pyjamas since having a bath mid-afternoon. Sadly, it feels like a good portion of my afternoon has been spent planning out my food for the next day and a bit, although it likely took longer than it should have due to being distracted by various unimportant things.

I do need to begin making supper very shortly, but I’ve been contemplating a blog post all day. Should I blog? What would I blog about? Ideas did come to mind but nothing seemed solid enough to stick yet. Ultimately, I think I just want to express gratitude. My life is far from perfect, but I am incredibly blessed in many ways.

  • sunshine, blue skies, warm temperatures
  • walks along the creek
  • coffee
  • music
  • a family who loves me
  • amazing friends who love, encourage, support & inspire me
  • I shut the furnace off
  • I have a comfortable place to live and food to eat.
  • Despite my temporary bouts of depression and moodiness, there is an inner, unshakeable peace that flows out of my relationship with Jesus.
  • There are clean sheets on my bed.
  • I live in a beautiful city, a beautiful province, a beautiful country.
  • I am healthy and active.
  • My kids are healthy.
  • I am able to do just about everything I love to do. Maybe I can’t run right now, but I get to lift heavy things and that is even better than running!
  • I am not the same person I used to be.


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