Dreaming of Deadlifts

I had a horrible training dream last night. An obnoxious and abrasive baseball coach was helping train me. Deadlifts were on the agenda, and this coach obviously had no idea what he was doing…or what I was capable of! He gave me a bar that was maybe 4 or 5 feet long and proceeded to load it up with the smallest weights possible, like 5, 3 and 1 pound weights, in an uneven, mismatched manner. With the bar loaded, he had me do 3 reps. When I asked if I could do real deadlifts now, he told me that I was finished for the day, while all around me were guys doing real lifting. In my dream, my real coach was there in the gym somewhere, but I could not find him as I grew increasingly frustrated with the obnoxious coach who had figuratively placed me inside of a very tiny box.

After having deadlifts switched from Friday to Wednesday last week, I went to the gym this morning with the expectation of doing real deadlifts, and just like my dream I was shot down! 😉 Of course, it didn’t play out quite like my dream. My real coach would never treat me the way the coach in my dream did. No, Michael just reviewed my previous programs and made the decision to keep doing what has seemed to work best for me, which means deadlifts are back to Fridays. It doesn’t really matter what day I train deadlifts. I just find the timing amusing with my dream last night.

1a. inverted rows

x 10 no legs, x 5 without legs + 5 with legs, x 5 + 5, x 4 + 6, x 10 all with legs, x 8 with legs

These were definitely challenging today. I had a heck of a time getting my chest to the bar, even after lowering the bar twice. I had issues with leg drive, too.

1b. floor press, close grip with thicker bar

47 x 10, 67 x 6, 87 x 6, 97 x 6, 107 x 3

1c. band pull aparts with 5 second hold, blue band

x 8, x 8, x 8, x 8, x 8 with red band

2a. floor press, close grip with sling shot

117 x 5, 127 x 4, 127 x 4

2b. one arm kettle bell rows

20kg x 10 each, 24kg x 10 each x 3 sets

3a. single arm braced dumbbell shoulder press plus an overhead carry

25 lbs x 7 each + 3 lengths

25 lbs x 4 each + 2 lengths

These were tough, especially for that left arm.

3b. TRX T’s (or TRX rear laterals, which really isn’t a name I’d like to hear for these)

x 8, x 7 + 20 rows

And since my coach keeps saying subtly, or not so subtly, that I should do some walking, I am planning on going for a walk early this afternoon. Naturally, it will suck, because I would rather be running. I know that walking is good exercise, good for recovery, and can help with the weight loss. It’s just not running! Since the temptation to run when walking is strong, I shall require a pit stop at Starbucks for a coffee to hold in hand to keep me from breaking into a run.


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