Serious Changes

Or, The Temporary Discomfort for the Immense Satisfaction I Will Receive from Achieving a Spectacular Goal!

It is a Tuesday night, which means that I have successfully navigated my way through my work week and am ready for my weekend. Like most Tuesday nights, I have enjoyed a hot bath with a few drops of rosemary oil; however, unlike most Tuesday nights, I am not enjoying a glass or two of wine.

I enjoy my wine at the end of my work week, but I don’t think I will be having much wine over the next number of weeks. Wine just doesn’t fit my macros, especially now that I am tracking my food and cutting back on my calories in order to get closer to my weight class.

I am laying on the living room floor in my pyjamas, wishing I had a glass of wine in hand, and yet I am wishing much more strongly that I could find myself something to eat. But I have eaten all my carbs, protein and fat for the day. 2000 calories just doesn’t seem to satisfy…and this is only the first full day! In the grand scheme of things, the reduction in calories likely isn’t a huge change. Although I haven’t tracked for a while, my previous calorie intake was between 2200 and 2300 calories a day. Not a massive difference, but I think I still might be a little hungry most days.

I’m okay with avoiding the flours and sugars right now, but it feels like I am missing food a lot. And wine. I don’t drink that much wine really, but I’m going to miss my “Friday” night beverage.

Serious goals require serious change, according to my coach, and he’s right. I have a serious goal, and I need to make serious changes to get there. I think I can put up with some temporary discomfort for the sake of immense satisfaction from achieving a spectacular goal! But I’m still hungry…



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