The Stuff of Dreams

I dreamed about my powerlifting competition last night. Well, actually I dreamed about the process of getting to the competition, and by that I don’t mean the process of training. No, I mean the act of driving to the city and getting to the venue. The competition is in Vernon this year, which is only about a half hour drive and really quite simple to find. Although I’ve never been to this particular venue, I am quite confident that I will be able to find it without any trouble whatsoever. What happens in my dreams is a completely different story.

I am not totally sure which city the competition was being held in as I lay sleeping last night, but I strongly suspect that it was Kamloops based on some of the visuals. Regardless of where it was, I had to travel much further to get there, and I had to make some sort of detour prior to getting to Kamloops. I was driving by myself…no husband, family or friends. I was completely alone.

Once I arrived in Kamloops, I quickly found myself stuck and somewhat lost. I knew the general area where I needed to get to, but I couldn’t seem to find my way. For some unexplainable reason that only makes sense in the dream world, and maybe not even then, I abandoned my car and set out on foot. It was quite the ordeal to navigate my way as I encountered numerous dead ends, random stairs going nowhere, and fences that could not be scaled.

Eventually I found myself at the venue and walked inside to hear an announcement over the loud speakers that athletes had 30 seconds to ensure that their information had been emailed to the organizer. Now I was virtually late! My coach was nowhere to be seen, and I think I was as close to panic as I could ever be. Thankfully, there was a powerlifting acquaintance present who quickly worked to get me sorted and organized.

I had to check my rack heights, so we approached the bar. Only it wasn’t like any rack or bar that I have ever seen before. It rather resembled the high bar used in men’s gymnastics, but it was made out of bamboo. The bar was also made from bamboo. I had to reach up to grab hold of the bar and then pull it down to the appropriate height for my squat. Then I had to hurry to get changed and warmed up…and I woke up.

While dreams are often just dreams, it isn’t difficult to tell when one of my dreams is born out of my personality traits and/or situations or events happening in my life. The in-law nightmare from the other night comes from the prospect of having brunch with those in-laws next weekend. That relationship is best described as strained, and that is putting it nicely and that explains the stressful dream.

I don’t think I am stressing out over my competition yet, and the scenario in my dream is so far-fetched and beyond the realm of possibility; however, the dream does hold a few themes which appear quite frequently in my dreams. The drama being played out as I sleep may change settings…

  • chaos at work that is beyond my control or ability to manage
  • forgetting my high school locker combination
  • getting lost in the hallways at school and being late for class
  • being late for work for a variety of reasons
  • my coach abandoning me at a competition
  • getting lost and navigating obstacles

The common themes?

  1. Being late!
  2. Getting lost and encountering obstacles.
  3. A disruption to my carefully constructed order.

I hate being late for anything but especially an event with a very specific start time. Am I ever late? Anyone who knows me well would likely say that I am never late, although there are plenty of times when I get stressed out waiting for my husband to be ready to leave on time! Being on time is as part of my nature as being an introvert, or maybe that is why I am punctual. Ironically, I don’t stress much when others are late, depending on the situation, unless it is my husband who is late and is thus causing me to be late!

Why I subconsciously stress out over getting lost is rather a mystery, because I am not the sort of person who easily gets lost. My sense of direction is good, I think, and I know my way around a map, whether on paper or the app on my phone. I may not be comfortable driving in a big city, but I sure can direct us from point A to point B. In my dreams, being lost almost always comes with obstacles and roadblocks. I suppose I can understand those more easily than being lost in the first place.

Then there is the chaos to throw my sense of order out the window! I like to be organized. I make lists and plan and prepare, so that I know what to expect, when to expect, and can best accomplish my goal. While that may make it seem as if I am a rigidly controlled and organized person, the truth is not so severe. As much as I like order, preparation and organization, I still operate a good deal by the seat of my pants. Okay, so I still really do like to be in control, even when I am lax in some areas. A disruption to my sense of order doesn’t always go well, at least not immediately. I’d like to say that I can roll with the punches fairly well, and I think I can most of the time. I just don’t have to like it, right?

Not every dream is the result of these three things. Sometimes a dream is just a dream, and, I suppose, I can still say this even about those dreams which are born out of stress. My powerlifting dream of last night was a stressful dream, but I am not carrying stress about that competition yet. Not even subconsciously! At least not about getting to the venue on time! Really, the only competition thought that has taken up residence in my head is the potential world-record deadlift attempt, and that thought is a powerfully positive and exciting one rather than stressful.


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