Days Off

Days off seldom feel like anything special. There are usually errands to run, housework to catch up on, and preparations for the next round of work days. Yesterday’s day off was a busy one with training, re-stocking my produce, a bit of housework, then having a blast crafting and baking with three lovely little girls. Although the day was busy and long, it was a good day.

Today has been a good day, too; however, it feels far less productive than yesterday. Since it is currently Spring Break, I had no reason to set my alarm today. I didn’t have to work. I didn’t have to train. I didn’t have to ensure my daughter got up and off to school. A day without an alarm clock is a rare day indeed! Naturally, I woke up before 5:00, rolled over and fell back asleep until 6:45, rolled over and tried to squeeze out a bit more sleep before finally giving up around 7:15. So much for not having an alarm! A typical Thursday alarm would be set for 7:00. <sigh>

With nothing scheduled for today and my errands and housework having been done yesterday, I was at a loss as to what to do with myself today. Of course, there are always things that could be done, even if the degree of importance varies considerably. Today felt like a perfect day for procrastination, yet I still managed to tackle a few things.

Despite my black thumbs, I spent a bit of time outside cleaning up the flower beds. Thank goodness for perennials! My yard waste bin is now full, and the beds look so much nicer that you can actually see the new growth instead of the brambly remains of last season. The smell of disturbed dirt was lovely. I really do wish that I had green thumbs. For all my gardening books, I am completely lacking in gardening skills.

I tackled a mess of paper that was an overflowing file folder and binder of recipes collected from newspapers, magazines, scribbled notes and print outs from the internet. I have a terrible habit of amassing recipes and using very few of them, so a heavy purge was necessary. I tossed a good many pages this morning and sorted what remained back into order in the binder. Hopefully I kept the best of the recipes that I actually do use and those that are still unused but so very appealing. I had entertained thoughts of doing some meal planning today, but I procrastinated too much with that idea.

Another area of procrastination today was with my bath. I put off having it first thing this morning, because I’m really much more of an ‘end of the day’ bath/shower type person. However, as the day progressed, I knew that I didn’t want to having a bath before bed, because my bedtime is early since I work tomorrow, and I don’t want to go to bed with wet hair. So, I had my bath mid-afternoon while sipping a cup of coffee. Now I am in my pyjamas, because who wants to get dressed after a bath when you’re going to bed in a few hours?! But, my husband just texted to suggest going out for dinner. Oh boy. I did have plans for dinner, but they are easily put off until tomorrow. In fact, it might even make more sense to have tacos for dinner tomorrow night instead of tonight, but that means I’ll need to get dressed. <sigh>

The only other truly important task that I accomplished today was a little bit of callus care. Powerlifter problems! One of my calluses ripped during yesterday’s deadlifts, although it wasn’t really a big deal as it was just a layer of dead skin. Thankfully I have never had a callus rip through fresh skin, but that is always a concern if calluses are left uncared for. The hardest part of taking care of my calluses is filing them down. I just find it incredibly awkward to get the file right at the necessary areas. Or maybe I just need a coarser, thinner file.

My weekend is almost over, and tomorrow I enter the fray once again.


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