Non-Military Personnel

I made the mistake of sleeping on the living room floor on Wednesday night. I did this because I didn’t want to lie awake growing more frustrated with every passing minute as I listened to my husband snore. Since I knew that I didn’t have to work Thursday morning, I figured that it wouldn’t matter too much if I didn’t sleep overly well. Sleeping on the floor is never a good idea! I slept fitfully and felt like a zombie all the next day; however, it wasn’t until late afternoon that I realized that my extreme feeling of fatigue might actually be due to fighting a cold. While I don’t feel quite as bad as yesterday, my throat is a little sore and scratchy and a cough is trying to take up residence in my chest, but I am throwing as many natural remedies at it as I can. I rarely get sick and any symptoms usually don’t last long, but I still might have felt a bit fatigued in training today.

1a. deadlifts, conventional

warm up: 95 x 8, 135 x 6, 165 x 6 plus 1 more rep using mixed grip

The warm ups were done with a double overhand grip. It seems like my grip limit tends to be around 165 pounds. I can get my reps at that weight with the overhand grip, but I do need to reset at least once or twice in order to keep my grip intact. Naturally when the grip begins to slip, the weight feels heavier than it should, so Michael had me pull one extra rep with a mixed grip in order to feel confident with the weight.

main event with straps: 190 x 10, 190 x 10, 190 x 8

The first set was kind of slow, at least my hips were slow to pull through to the bar. The second set was better, but the bar just felt heavy. Since I wasn’t feeling the greatest, Michael dropped the planned fourth set and said I could drop a couple of reps if they slowed.

with belt: 215 x 1 I especially liked how Michael told me to walk up to the bar like I was serious!

235 x 1 This was not a good rep. I’m not sure how it happened, but I wasn’t tight when I started to pull. I managed to finish the lift, but I knew it wasn’t good from the get-go.

235 x 1 better

1b. military press

Without a doubt, when it comes to the military press, I have a mental block. I think I managed to suppress a groan when Michael said I’d be doing these today, but I don’t think that I managed to stop myself from thinking they would be difficult.

43 x 8…not so bad

53 x 5…the bar flew up fairly well

63 x 2.5…well that just sucked

63 x 2…still sucked

53 x 5…the bar flew up fairly well

58 x 5…still decent

63 x 5…decent! The first two crappy sets at 63 pounds were with bumper plates. For this set I used the little 5 pound metal plates. Maybe the big plates are intimidating. I don’t know. I definitely need to nail the technique.

2a. bent over rows using body English

95 x 10, 105 x 10, 105 x 10

2b. kettle bell swings

24 kg x 10, 28 kg x 10, 32 kg x 10

2c. toes to bar

x 5…really could have completed the requested 8 reps but there was a bar in the rack behind me that disrupted my rhythm

x 8, x 8




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