Two Goals for May

My first powerlifting competition of the year is in ten weeks, and I am super stoked and chomping at the bit. This will be my third competition with 100% RAW and likely my final one in my current age category. Currently, I hold every National record for my age/weight group in 100% RAW. Now I know that things can change between today and May 14, as in someone could break one or more of my records, but I have plans to break my own records.

Since I am planning to compete at the BCPA Provincials in June and want to do big things there, I will likely need to be more conservative at this first competition. I should be able to break my RAW records without too much fuss, since I have already exceeded those numbers elsewhere. Yes, I do still want to break my records, but I’d be perfectly fine if I did so without beating my personal bests. Why? Because there is one more not so little goal that I am focused on.

The 100% RAW World deadlift record!

Did you read that? A world record is quite realistically within reach. By me! A 44 year old average, ordinary wife and mom who works, does laundry, can’t sleep when her husband snores, and frequently wonders what to make for dinner.

I want that world record like a ravenous wolf wants to take down the straggling deer. It’s crazy how much I want it. On Monday night as I lay in bed, I began to visualize myself on that day. I could see myself behind the curtain, nervous energy coursing through my veins. Belt on, hands chalked, and Michael slapping my back, giving me words of encouragement. I could see myself walk to the platform, positioned and ready, breathing in deeply. I could feel the tension throughout my body as I pushed my legs into the floor and pulled that bar. I could hear the down command and could see the white lights. As I lay in bed, that visualization had my heart racing, adrenaline coursing through my veins, and made it difficult to fall asleep for some time. While it is so important to be able to visualize what I want to do, I don’t think I need to be losing sleep over it two and a half months out! But I want that record. Since I move up an age group next year, this is my only shot at this record.

However, before I can even step onto the platform with the purpose of attempting to surpass that record, I need to make my weight class, and, for the first time ever, I will need to cut some serious weight. That sounds rather ominous. I think that my projected weight cut really won’t be too severe, but I have never truly had to make weight before. I have done very small cuts just to keep my weight under the cap, but this time will be different. My weight fluctuates from day to day, but I currently hover between 158 and 161 pounds. I need to be below 148.8 pounds at weigh-in the night before the competition. If I don’t make weight, it won’t be the end of the world…there just won’t be a world record in my name!

So, I have two big goals for this competition. First and foremost is to make weight. We are going to do the cut in a short period of time, which means I might not be the loveliest person to be around the week of competition, but we’re hoping that this will best allow me to reclaim most of my lost weight before I actually step on the platform. I’ve never done this before, so it is an experiment, but I think it is an experiment worth doing if it results in a world record. Assuming I achieve goal number one, then goal number two is to break that world record deadlift. No big deal!


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