No Dread

I just realized that I had no moments of dread about training this morning, even though I had every reason to believe that today would be upper body work. What can I say? I am just so crazy excited for my upcoming competitions, and I am ready to put in the work. I think I am always willing to put in the work, but, after weeks of training that looked rather different, I am glad to get back to training like a powerlifter again. As excited as I am for the competition, Michael reminded me today that I still have to do the training and peak my strength. Yes, Boss!

1a. bench press, close grip

43 x 8, 65 x 6, 75 x 6, 80 x 6, 85 x 6, 85 x 6, 85 x 6

While the bench press is probably still my weakest lift, I am thrilled with the progression in my bench. There may still be the occasional rep that goes wonky, but my movements are much smoother, more solid feeling, more even and controlled, and my elbows tend to stay where they belong. Everything just seems to be clicking into place. What I most need to do is to continue to nail all of those good things when we begin to put serious weight on the bar!

1b. single arm rows

25 lbs x 6 each + 45 lbs x 10 each

45 x 10 each for another 4 sets

2a. dips, with blue band x 8

The right shoulder didn’t feel so great during the last few reps of the dips, so Michael dropped the dips for some flyes.

dumbbell flyes with an orange band

15 lbs x a handful? The weight seemed a little heavy. 10 lbs x 20

10 lbs x 20 for 2 more sets

2b. lat pull-downs, thumbless grip

70 lbs x 15, x 15, x 7 or 8 + 90 lbs x 6

I was in the middle of the third set, when Michael asked if it was too easy and we needed to increase the weight. He said he’d add 10 pounds. I reset myself and pulled. Crap that felt harder! I had sudden thoughts of being mocked for not being able to do more than a couple of reps with an additional 10 pounds. My hands were a little slippery, so I had to reset myself after the second rep, and that’s when Michael confessed that he had actually added 20 pounds! No wonder it felt so much heavier.

3a. kettle bell curls

8 kg x 10 x 2 sets

Those curls were tough.

3b. band pull-apart with a 5 second hold, orange band

x 8, x 8



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