Tie Fighter in the Pocket

As I was in the midst of supper preparations and chastising my husband for his mocking comments towards my post-squat quad pain, the ion cannon of a Tie Fighter sounded from the phone in my pocket. Instantly I knew who the text was from and I had a fairly good idea what the text would say or rather ask. The Tie Fighter text tone belongs to the boss, as I sometimes call my coach. Although today is not a training day, I kind of expected to get a text from Michael at some point in the day, and I knew that, if he did text, he would ask either about the knee or the hamstring. I was right!

Michael asked how the hamstring was doing, because it has been the lower part of the hamstring that has been bothered by squats over the past few weeks. Although I didn’t feel any discomfort while squatting yesterday, with two big competitions on the agenda in this first half of the year, I have a lot of work, a lot of squatting to do. I think having a healthy, functional knee is kind of important if I want to achieve my goals for these two competitions and Westerns later this summer.

So how is the hamstring? It’s pretty good. There might have been some mild soreness before I went to bed last night, but I did my nerve flossing and stretching and rubbed in a dollop of whatever icy-hot cream was in my medicine cabinet. When I am at work I tend to be more aware of any tweaks or twinges, because I am constantly moving, often planting a foot and twisting my body at the knee, and squatting/kneeling down. And so, at work today, I was highly aware of my movements, desperately hoping that the knee and hamstring would continue to feel fine. Sure, that area of the leg was fine today; however, the quads were absolutely and horribly suffering from a case of DOMS.

When I got home from work, I did my nerve flossing and stretching. There was definitely some soreness in the lower hamstring as I flossed with a ball digging into the muscle, but I suppose that is to be expected after 50+ squat reps. Generally though, the hamstring (and knee) feels mostly good.

From my coach’s response to my response, I strongly suspect that he has no sympathy for my quads, which is probably fair since I think I might smirked a time or two recently when he has been sore. Give me a week or two to get acclimatized and then I can go back to my smirking over my lack of muscle soreness! 😉

However, Michael was happy to hear that the hamstring was feeling decent. He said we can proceed!Yeah! That makes me happy! Most of my powerlifting goal focus is being reserved for the June competition, but there is one very big goal that I desperately want for the May competition. Have I mentioned it specifically in my blog yet? Hmmm…not sure if I have, but I think I’m not going to go into more detail on that quite yet, at least not today. But it is a big goal. I think it is a reachable and realistic goal but still big, like BIG, at least it is to me. Part of Michael’s response pertained to that goal…as in “here we come!”

But this blog post isn’t about that goal. It is about the fact that my coach is awesome! I knew he would text me today, because he has consistently demonstrated to me that he takes his job seriously. He isn’t satisfied just to throw a program my way with the rigid expectation that I follow it to the letter. He makes changes and adaptations on the fly depending on my ability, injuries/tweaks/weaknesses/limitations, and how things are feeling at that moment. As much as I might have big goals in mind for what I’d like to do, Michael is much more interested in keeping me healthy and able to enjoy a long and active life. Ideally, I’d like to still be powerlifting as a Master 3/4! I might not always be happy about an adaptation being made to accommodate a tweak or weakness, but I can respect the purpose in it. I appreciate my coach a lot.


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