The Price is Right

“There is a price to pay to make the changes you want in life. There is also a price you’re already paying for staying the way you are. You have to weigh these two prices and decide what to do based on that comparison and no one can do that for you.” -Bill Harris

There are many people who desperately wish for changes in their lives. While I have no stats to draw from, I suspect that a great number of those people seldom see the changes they desire. I’ve been there, done that and worn the T-shirt, but I am no expert on the psychology behind our collective inability to better ourselves. The only experience I have is my own, and that is a topic in which I am an expert!

We are a society that loves the quick, easy and cheap fix. Fast food replaces home-cooked, nutritious meals. Medication replaces exercise and proper nutrition and self-care. Entertainment has become our religion, entertainers and professional athletes our gods. We live life at high-speed. Our sense of worth and purpose often seems to come from a store or with a price tag. Even before I got to work changing my life, our society’s foibles and attitude had me shaking my head and feeling oddly disconnected from my peers. But breaking free of the norms of our society is no easy task.

The good news is, that once you have decided that you can no longer remain as you are, you are one step closer to making the changes you want in life. Sounds so simple, right? Yeah, I know! Even those first steps are painful and difficult…I kind of think that is part of the cost of change. If it was simple and easy, then we would all be walking around changed people! 😉 Seriously though, those first steps can be really tough. Let’s be honest here, we like to be comfortable and change is anything but comfortable. It will hurt. We will feel cheated as we sacrifice our comforts for change. The new standards will chafe and choke. However, if we persevere and keep plodding forward, we will discover that the road becomes a little smoother, a little straighter, and the forecast clears so that we can begin to glimpse our destination, even when we still have miles to go before we get there!

We are all capable of change. We can improve our health, our fitness level. We can eliminate bad habits and implement good ones. Anyone and everyone is capable. The journey won’t look the same for everyone, but you won’t get anywhere unless you begin. For those who see the changes I’ve made and wish that they could do the same…you can! Essentially. Basically. I don’t think we can be carbon copies, but you can lose weight. You can improve your fitness level and your health. You can reduce your need for medication, improve your mental health, and find enjoyment in real food and exercise. You can get stronger, inside and out. You can move from insecurity to self-confidence. You have the potential within you. The only question is are you willing to pay the price to change?


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