A Bulgarian Walked into a Bar

Last Monday’s training session was probably one of my worst, at least the worst that I can remember. My balance was virtually non-existent, and I hit the wall midway through my session. I am fairly certain that I have never hit the wall like that before, not even back in my running days, and that is a feeling that I don’t want to experience again. But today was more promising even before I got to the gym. I have been enjoying decent sleep lately, and I made sure that I was well-fed today. In fact, I had breakfast, lunch, lunch, a snack, and lunch all before leaving for the gym at 3:30 this afternoon! Today’s training session was definitely better than last week’s, but somehow I still managed to find myself feeling rather hungry late in the session.

1a. Bulgarian split squats, using a bar on the rack at knee height

x 8 each

standing on a 4″ block: x 8 each, with 55 lb vest x 8 each, with vest & 10 kg kettle bell x 7 each

My balance on these was absolutely horrid last week. While my balance was much better today, I still had to fight for many of my reps, especially with the left leg planted. Michael suggested trying the last set using a barbell on the back instead. I was willing to give it a try but also slightly skeptical that my balance would improve any. If anything, I was a little leery that I would be severely handicapped, because I would not be able to use my arms to help regain my balance if I faltered…and I fully expected to falter.

65 lbs x 7 each

There was a moment or two of slight faltering on the left leg, but really these were probably the best of the bunch. Michael would say that this proves that my problem is really psychological, that with the increase of risk I am able to lock down my technique. I suppose I can agree with that assessment.

1b. incline push-ups using a bar on the rack at knee height

x 8, x 8 with feet on 4″  block

with 20 lbs of chain around my neck: x 6 + 2 without chain, x 6 + 2, x 2 + 6

2a. single arm flat dumbbell presses off the side of the bench

25 lbs x 10 each, 25 x 10 each, 29 x 10 each

The left arm was all over the place on the first set, but the next set was better.

2b. glute-ham raises, with hands behind head

x 12, x 10, x 8

3a. good mornings

45 lbs x 15, 65 x 15, 85 x 12

3b. GHD sit-ups

x 10, with 25 lb dumbbells x 5 + 3 without, x 5 with + 2

For some reason the sets with the dumbbell were especially tough today, or maybe my legs were just jelly at this point. Actually, I am certain that my legs were jelly. Two hours later they are still very jelly-like, but that’s okay! I’d much rather finish a training session with rubbery legs than hit the wall midway through.



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