The Walking Dead

Despite being in bed for nearly 12 hours last night, I didn’t quite get the quality or quantity of sleep that I was hoping for. I haven’t felt this tired for a very long time, like I can’t even remember how long it has been! My life generally moves along at a fairly consistent pace, and my habits are rather routine, so I’m having difficulty pinning down the cause of this current sleep deprivation trend. Whatever is going on right now, I am not used to feeling this exhausted. I am used to being able to function quite well on little sleep. I am used to not looking like I am exhausted even when I am. My functionality  right now is likely more impaired than I would like to believe it is, and I know that I actually look tired. So training started out a bit different this morning.

1a. explosive incline push-ups from my knees

5 sets of 5

1b. broad jumps

5 sets of 5

Broad jumps are not my favourite. Today they were especially not my favourite.

1c. TRX supine rows with knees bent

5 sets of 5

1d. medicine ball slams, 20 lbs I think

5 sets of 5

2a. single arm dumbbell push presses, leaving 2-3 in the tank and no grindy reps

25 lbs x 8 each x 4 sets

The left arm struggled more than the right. No surprise there. I probably could have managed at least 12-15 reps with the right arm, maybe even 20, but we’ve got to keep things balanced.

2b. chin-ups

I did one unassisted chin to see how it would feel today. I did it, but it was definitely tough. So, Michael let me use the large green band to get some reps this morning. The large green band is strong enough that I could not get myself into it without Michael’s help, and it felt as if I had to fight the band to reach full extension at the bottom range. But it sure made it easier to get the reps!

4 sets of 8 reps

3a. single arm kettle bell rows

16 kg x 8 each x 4 sets

3b. dips

with blue band x 8 …was a little tough today

with blue and red bands x 10, x 11, x 12

4a. lying leg raises

x 15, x 15

4b. kettle bell swings

20 kg x 20, x 20

I suppose it is normal to have off days in the gym and to have days when being tired affects your performance, but I am not used to having training days like that. It really rather sucks. The fact that I felt like crying while doing broad jumps tells me that I am not myself; I like to save the tears for the really disliked and frustrating things! 😉


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