The Wall

It has finally happened. I hit the proverbial wall tonight, and it wasn’t a very nice feeling. But first we tested out the knee with the ultimate decision being to back off a bit there. The knee has been fairly good through the weekend, but it doesn’t like coming out of a deep squat and I feel tentative with it even when bending/kneeling down. We have some time to back off, so we’ll take advantage of it and take things one day at a time.

1a. Bulgarian split squats, wearing a 55 lb vest

x 10 each leg, x 8 each, 10 kg kettle bell x 8 each, 12 kg kettle bell x 8 each

These were challenging, although I don’t think I would say that the extra weight was the problem. My balance was horrid, especially for the first three sets. The final set was a little better balanced though. For me, I think the biggest factor to my balance was a general feeling of instability in the elevated foot, because it was resting on a bar in the rack and the bar had a pad on it. The cushioning was nice, but the slight movement in the pad and the bar made me feel unstable. Or I’m just looking for something to blame for my balance problems!

1b. push-ups, using the bar on the rack about knee height and feet on a block

x 10 This set was a little tough, because I had positioned myself so that my chest met the bar too low.

x 10 With better positioning, this set was much easier. Better positioning equalled my competition bench press positioning.

x 2 with a chain around my neck + 4 without?

x 2 with chain + 7 without

2a. single arm flat dumbbell presses, with the pressing shoulder off the edge of the bench

25 lbs x 12 each, 29 lbs x 7 each

2b. glute-ham raises x 12

That was too easy. Michael switched it to:

single leg kettle bell deadlift

16 kg x 8 each leg

Sometime during the dumbbell presses, I realized that I wasn’t feeling so wonderful, but it took me a little bit to figure out what the problem was. I realized that I felt hungry, but it was more than just being hungry. I’ve trained hungry before, albeit unintentionally, yet this felt different. Besides feeling a little shaky, I felt incredibly weak, not weak like it was just an off training day, but weak like I had nothing left to draw from. I felt depleted. Completely. The presses were challenging, more than they should have been, even with the cross-body tension required with the shoulder off the bench. Glute-ham raises are easy, so I didn’t notice anything there; however, the single leg deadlifts were the ugliest thing I’ve done in a long time. If I thought my balance was an issue during the Bulgarians, when I was still fresh, then my balance during these single leg deadlifts was completely non-existent.

Michael asked me how many carbs I’d eaten today to which I said that I don’t know because I’m not tracking my food. He told me that I do know, because I’m quite familiar with how much I eat and the numbers associated with what I typically eat…he’s right. I am. So, he asked what carbs I had eaten today, and we mentally calculated that my carbs had been adequate to that point and fairly consistent with where I would be when I did track my food. I had even ensured that I had eaten a second lunch at 2:00, so that I wouldn’t be training on empty. Then Michael pointed out that doing single leg work is basically double the work.

It would also be wise to point out that I have not had a decent night’s sleep for several days. I celebrated the return of the Walking Dead by portraying a zombie. Seriously, my eyes had great difficulty staying open yesterday. I can function quite well on little sleep, but the past three nights have obviously taken a toll.

So, Michael put a stop to the last sets of these two exercises.

3a. TRX bodyweight triceps extensions

x 10, x 10

3b. kettle bell curls with wrists back

6 kg x 15, x 8

I am so tired. I’ve eaten my dinner, including a couple of baked potatoes, but I think I like Michael’s suggestion of having some rice cakes with honey. That sounds really good right about now…then I shall start the process of getting myself to bed. At least tomorrow is my Friday…


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