3 Months

My first powerlifting competition of 2016 is three months from today. I was asked a few days ago if I was excited about the competition. I am and I am not, but mostly I am.

I am excited, because I enjoy competing and it feels like forever since my last competition. The reality is that it has only been about four months since my last competition, which truly isn’t all that long in the world of powerlifting, but I am itching to get back into preparation mode. I am excited, because this competition is close to home which means friends and family can easily attend. It means sleeping in my own bed and having a little more control over external factors leading up to weigh-in and go time.

I am not too excited, because this first event of the year really isn’t where I want to put my main focus. It is an opportunity to compete and break some records, but my real focus and energy is going to be put into the BCPA Provincials which will take place only six weeks later! Six weeks is not a long time between competitions, but I do want to do both. Since I want to do both, I need to look at one as being the prime focus, while the other one essentially becomes a heavy training day. As the Provincials contest is an important step on the road to my long-term goals, I have decided to make that event my primary focus, and so, my enthusiasm for this first event is somewhat muted for the moment. I suspect that I will feel more excited as the day draws near.

How could I not still be excited for this first competition when I have the potential to break my own National records and quite possibly even one World record?! On paper, I know that I can break my current National records, because I bettered those numbers at the last competition under a different organizational umbrella. Whether or not I equal my own personal records at this competition remains to be seen, because the plan isn’t to go all out there but to save the best for Provincials. However, barring some unforeseen issues on the day, I really would like the opportunity to go for that World record. That prospect excites me a great deal! In fact, I have been envisioning that moment already. About the only thing I cannot envision clearly is how I will react when I successfully complete the attempt. I am typically tightly controlled in terms of emotion on the platform, but breaking a World record could be big enough to allow that control to crack. But I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. First I need to have a solid day leading up to that attempt, and then I need to do everything well, from set up to positioning to execution. There is always a lot that can go wrong. Right now, in this moment, I can only worry about preparation, and we aren’t yet ready to begin that process.


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