Of a Knee and Pizza

The right knee had been feeling pretty good for the past couple of days, and then I went to work today. There were some twinges at work, but it wasn’t too bad. The biggest issue was with kneeling or squatting down to grab something; the knee didn’t like that very much. Still, I finished work with the knee feeling not too bad considering what it felt like between last Friday and this Tuesday. And then I got home from work. I took a step with the right leg and felt a sharper pain in a different location in the knee. It hurt enough that I actually vocalized the pain. The next step was fine. The next few steps were fine. It was strange, but I had maybe six instances of a painful step over the next three hours. So random. So odd. Of course, the knee was a hot topic when I arrived at the gym. Michael had me do a couple of goblet squats to see how the knee felt…I think I did two or three reps, but the back of the knee was hurting. He had me do some single leg curls and stuff to warm up the hamstrings. The right hamstring felt rather tight while doing the leg curls.

1a. box squats

without sleeves: 45 x 8, 75 x 8

with sleeves: 105 x 5, 135 x 5, 150 x 5, 150 x 3

Michael let me try the box squats, and my knee was generally fine. I was a little tentative with a couple of reps at 135 pounds, but the next set was fine. Michael reminded me that I could rack the bar at any time if it didn’t feel right, so I listened to my body and stopped after the third rep. I really could have ignored my body and finished off the 5 reps, and I probably could have done a couple more sets; however, I am trying to be smart with the abuse I heap on my body. I want to live to squat another day, so that was the end of the squats.

1b. incline dumbbell presses

20 lbs x 15, 25 x 17, 25 x 12, 10 lbs x 15?

I don’t even know how to explain this one. Do I even really remember it clearly? Probably not! Michael wanted me to keep the muscles under tension, which meant that I had to avoid full lockout and move a bit faster than I typically prefer. I find this style so much harder than locking out and taking that second to breathe and focus on what my arms are doing. Upon discovering that I wasn’t actually feeling much in my chest, Michael changed things up at the end. I essentially did a fly combined with a press, but the dumbbells were pressed together as I pressed them upwards. Make sense? 😉

1c. low cable face pulls

20 lbs x 15, 20 x 7 + 25 lbs x 13

2a. deadlifts, snatch grip, keep tension

95 x 8

with straps: 145 x 8, 195 x 6, 195 x 4

on blocks: 195 x 3

I am not gonna lie, but these felt incredibly heavy today!

2b. glute ham raises

x 13, x 12, x 12, x 10

3a. single leg hip thrusts

x 15 each

with 30 pound sandbag x 15 each

3b. GHD sit-ups

with 6 kg kettle bell x 12

with 10 kg kettle bell x 12

And now I feel utterly exhausted. Well, first of all I was stark, raving starving, but I have already inhaled two slices of pizza, which is almost unheard of for me! In fact, I am giving serious consideration to a third piece of pizza.


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