Grey Inside & Out

Some days you just don’t feel like doing much of anything. Today is one of those days. Unfortunately, I have felt this way most days lately, and I’m not completely certain why.

The frequent headaches of the past few weeks may be a part of the problem. While the headaches are not always very strong, they are persistent and of the sort that seems to suck the life out of a person. My chiropractor has been trying to get to the bottom of the problem and eradicate it. I don’t know how successful he has been thus far; however, I have been experiencing interesting and different treatments with each visit. Today’s treatment involved massaging my eyebrows and scraping the back of my head, which was both weird and enjoyable.

I don’t know if the headaches are to blame or not, but I have also been feeling rather exhausted lately. Even when I have had a decent sleep, I am fighting fatigue. Being tired in the middle of the afternoon is something that doesn’t typically occur much anymore. My energy levels have been significantly higher over the past couple of years, except for recently. I don’t nap, because I normally don’t require one and wouldn’t want to screw up my bedtime routine anyway, and yet, I definitely feel like a nap could be a glorious thing right now.

My sleep app said that I had a very good sleep last night at 96%. My response when I saw that this morning was to say, “Lies!” There is no way that I slept as well as my sleep app says that I did. I was awake more than I was asleep, I’m sure, and there was a lot of tossing and turning all night long. I feel like a zombie today.

Calling myself a zombie is actually an accurate description of how I feel. Well, I’m not about to eat brains or attack the closest living person, but I do feel like the living dead. I am awake but sluggish. I guess I would be the lazy zombie, because I just want to lay on the living room floor and do nothing requiring physical or mental exertion. Oddly enough, I’m not this sluggish about going to work tomorrow or going to the gym. It is just here, at home, where I feel a restlessness mixed with laziness.

The skies are grey. Again. Still. Possibly a little slip into mild depression? Maybe these headaches are dragging me into depression. I don’t know. I do know that the housework isn’t going to get done today.



3 thoughts on “Grey Inside & Out”

    1. It’s winter but not terribly cold here. We definitely have lots of grey and overcast days in the winter. I used to hate chiropractors until I met this one. He changed my opinion of chiropractors. He’s done wonders for various other issues. Headaches are just a little trickier to pin down.

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