Not Tracking

In a way it has been rather nice to not be logging my food every day, however, my brain still tends to remind me that I need to log that meal or snack. My fingers have itched to open the website where I track my food, and a part of me is a little sad that my consistency in daily logging streak has come to an end. A habit, whether good or bad, is not an easy thing to break.

As much as I still find myself thinking about tracking my eating habits, I think I am doing okay. I haven’t made any drastic changes to my eating habits. In fact, I haven’t even really made any non-drastic changes to my habits! I am nothing if not consistent. Since I have tracked my eating habits for two years, I have become quite comfortable with knowing the macro make-up of much of the foods I eat regularly. I know that two cups of rice will give me roughly 85-90 grams of carbs. I know that a chicken breast will give me roughly 25 grams of protein. What I don’t know is the numbers for the hamburger soup that I made for dinner a couple of nights ago. Normally I would enter the recipe into myfitnesspal and the website would tell me the numbers based on the number of servings. I suppose that I could still do that, but I am choosing to not even allow myself to log into the website. Ultimately, I think I do a fairly decent job of eating the right foods and the right amount. At least I should be! And if I am a little low on protein one day, is it really the end of the world?

So far my weight has stayed relatively the same. It will be interesting to see what happens with my weight the longer that I refrain from tracking my food.


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