Call the Chiropractor!

The little tweak that I felt in my trap during yesterday’s handstand push-up practice didn’t feel so little by the end of the day. By the time I went to bed last night I had a raging headache, could barely move my head and was in a fair bit of pain. Throughout the day I thought about checking if I could get in to see my chiropractor, but I was reluctant to make the call. My next chiro visit was scheduled for February 1. As much as I love my chiropractor, I really do not want to see him for treatment more often than necessary, but I was hurting.

Sometimes my threshold for pain is quite high. I’m pretty sure that my trainer doesn’t quite take me at my word when I say that I feel fine. It isn’t really my intention to lie if something doesn’t feel fine; I’m just used to dealing with little aches and pains without making a big production out of them. Although I am getting better at being honest about how something feels in the course of training, I am still generally the sort of person who sucks it up and deals with it. Except that sometimes the pain tolerance crashes. It’s one thing to feel pain in a muscle, but it is something else entirely to have so much pain that you can barely move the affected body part. There is also a difference between the soreness and discomfort of muscles that have been put through a good work-out and the soreness and discomfort that flows from an injury or health issue.

So, I called and made an appointment to see Ben first thing this morning. As day turned into night, I was ever so glad that I had made the decision to call. The pain was only getting worse. Sleep was not the best last night although it could still be considered a decent night. Any movement was painful. Getting in and out of bed was painful, so naturally my bladder decided it would be hyperactive last night. I don’t think I slept for more than an hour at a time, and only a half-hour at a time for the first couple of hours! Morning found me in slightly, very slightly, less pain but still enough to be thankful for my chiro appointment.

My appointment was strangely enjoyable. Ben takes great pleasure in inflicting pain, but at least he makes me laugh in the process. He has a chiropractic student working at the clinic for the next few months, so I had the privilege of being a guinea pig. Ben quite enjoyed the perspective of watching the student inflict pain, while he told Lars all about me. It’s always more interesting to hear someone else explain who you are and what you do for fun to beat yourself up.

The good news is, at least I think it is good news, that this isn’t so much a muscle thing as it is a rib thing. Of course, the muscles are really sore and tender right now, but I am moving a little bit better after treatment. The head still hurts…so does everything else. I have reluctantly taken some ibuprofen, so hopefully that helps the headache soon. I get to go back for more torture on Monday. Lucky me!




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