Not Quite a Heavyweight Belt

The new powerlifting belt that I ordered on Boxing Day has finally arrived at my door. Having the ability to track a parcel’s progress is both a blessing and a curse. I have checked on the status of my parcel every day, even though Canada Post predicted that it would not arrive until January 6, so I was quite excited to see this morning that it had arrived in town and was out for delivery today! Just when I was beginning to feel antsy about how long it was taking for delivery, there was a knock at my door and my parcel was in my hands.

My new belt doesn’t look like much really. Unlike my old belt, there is no identifying logo to be seen, and I opted for basic black rather than something more colourful that may clash with my ever changing colourful socks! I do believe that my old belt was advertised as a 10mm belt, but I think that measurement is suspect, especially compared to the 10mm of my new belt. This belt is definitely thicker and will require breaking in. I’m okay with that.

My youngest son tried my new belt on and did a few body weight squats with it on, but when he wanted to take it off he had to call his mother for help! I laughed, because I knew that would happen. I tried it on with some trepidation of my own, knowing how difficult it was to get my trainer’s belt on and off the first time I tried it and he has the same belt, but I managed to get mine on and off with relative ease. Of course, I may not have had it tight enough! But here is a tip for you: Don’t try squatting with a powerlifting belt on while wearing jeans and a belt! Not the most comfortable feeling…


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