Welcoming 2016

For the past many years now, I have created a theme for myself for each new year along with a bunch of goals. I hesitate to use the word resolution, because I think that having a goal just sounds better. Hey, it’s the way my brain works! Seriously though, I do enjoy having goals to strive for; however, I realize that some goals require deadlines and others do not, so I make my goals and work towards them, knowing that forward progress is of greater importance than completing X by the end of a calendar year. Does that make sense? 😉

Last year’s theme was “Faster, Higher, Stronger”, and I do believe that I had a reasonably successful year.

Faster: Although my running was very limited due to the ongoing disc/hip issues, I still managed to set a personal best, sub-30 minute time in a 5K race at the end of May. I suffered greatly for a while after that race, but I am incredibly proud of how I performed that day. I hadn’t done a lot of running training for quite a while previously and honestly didn’t expect to do very well at all, certainly not well enough to set a PR!

Higher: This was probably my biggest area of struggle over 2015. In some ways, I feel like I did grow closer to God this year, but I also had trouble digging into the Word. I have been more thankful, more cognizant of God’s blessings and direction.

Stronger: One of my goals was to compete in powerlifting 3 times this year, and I did, getting stronger with each one. I broke my own National records in RAW, and I broke a couple of BCPA Provincial records. My last competition was practically perfect-9 for 9, all white lights! My confidence has grown stronger, and I am stepping out of my comfort zone much more often. Part of stepping out of that comfort zone has included being interviewed by Shaw TV and at church. I almost can’t believe that the TV interview actually happened, that it was aired as far and wide as it apparently was…so very surreal!

2015 was a good year, but I am not disappointed to see it come to an end. I have full confidence that 2016 will also be a good year, and I am excited to see what comes my way. I have been giving some thought over the past week or so as to what my theme will be for the new year. Sometimes a theme just pops into my head, grabs hold and won’t let go. Other times I must put a tremendous amount of thought into finding something that fits. This year was a combination of both. As I began looking for theme inspiration, I came across a quote that has grabbed hold of my heart; however, I had also had other ideas come to mind that didn’t quite mix well with the quote. I thought about combining a couple of themes, but ultimately they just seemed better as individuals. So, my theme for 2016 is:


“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -Howard Thurman

Alive. What does that mean to me in the context of a theme for an entire year? To be honest, I think it means far more than I could ever adequately express with mere words, but let me try.

Alive means knowing who I am. I’ve been doing a good job at that one already, but this is a journey and I am not finished yet. It means knowing my purpose, my calling and being who I am. It means knowing what my gifts and talents are and then using them. Alive means knowing God better, being obedient and trusting His direction in my life.

Being alive means living! I know that seems rather obvious, but there are an awful lot of people living life without being truly alive. You know people like that, I know you do! I don’t want to be someone who trudges through life, merely existing and waiting for something good or exciting to happen. I want to experience life, to try new things, to improve on my weaknesses and flaws, and to never feel like I have wasted my life. I want to continue to find joy in all things, all situations. I desire to be thankful for the blessings and the struggles that come my way. I want to know love, including self-love. I want to embrace love and radiate it everywhere.

And finally, being alive means taking the time to breathe! There are two individuals in my life who tell me to breathe quite frequently. I know that their commands to breathe are more specific to moving my body; however, I cannot hear, see or use the word “breathe” without hearing their voices in my head. Breath is important; we kind of need it to live! Not all breathing is the same though. In the figurative sense, I want to breathe in life deeply. Sometimes that will mean being still and resting, and there is nothing wrong with taking the time to rest and just be.

So that is my theme for 2016! As far as goals, I created some new fitness goals a short while ago, and they will carry through into the new year.

  • do a handstand push-up
  • do 25 push-ups
  • do 5 unassisted chin-ups
  • do 5 unassisted dips
  • deadlift 3 plates
  • break my 2 BCPA records and break the ones I haven’t yet
  • break my own National records and set a class 1 total in RAW
  • compete 2-4 times

Other goals that I have are much less specific, because they are goals and not destinations.

  • declutter, purge and simplify
  • use my gifts and talents
  • continue to step outside of that comfort zone
  • love more

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