I am officially on holidays for 9, yes NINE days! My original plan wasn’t to take that many days off, but I am rather glad that I changed my mind. The original plan was to take New Year’s eve and New Year’s day off, because I was registered for the Resolution Run 5K. Then I wanted to take January 2 off, because I am having a little birthday party for myself. All told, with my regular days off, that would have totalled 5 days off. But my birthday is on January 4, a Monday-my earliest work day of the week. Did I really want to get up at 3:15 on my birthday? Not really! So I asked for that day off, too. Then I realized that my Friday actually falls on Tuesdays, so did I want to enjoy 6 days off, work one day and then have my regular weekend off? I could have, I suppose, but ultimately I decided that I would really rather not, and so, I have 9 days off work! I don’t believe that I have had so many consecutive days off work since roughly this time in 2012 due to a 6-week recovery from surgery.

Before Christmas, when my trainer said that he was putting me on mandatory “rest” until early in the new year, he pointed out that I have been training consistently and fairly hard for the past two years. I don’t think I have missed more than 2 consecutive training sessions since I began training. As much as I want to go to the gym and train, the rest will do my body good and I will come back fresh and possibly stronger! The same can likely be said for this time away from work.

I have enjoyed days off work over the past three years, but I don’t think I have taken more than 5 (maybe 6 once)¬†consecutive days off at a time. Most of those micro holidays have been days off with purpose, like a powerlifting or running event or simply a special occasion. I honestly cannot think of any time off over the past three years that has been for the sole purpose of being unplanned, unscripted and free! I don’t have a competition to attend. Yes, there is the Resolution Run; however, I won’t be running it this year, no matter how much I might wish I could. The only special occasion is my birthday, if one can call that a special occasion.

The next few days will likely be relaxed but busy with housework as I prepare for my birthday party, but the latter half of my days off are a blank slate of possibilities. I kind of like that. I could have a pyjama day! I could stay up as late as I want, sleep in as late as my body would allow. I could drink as much coffee as I want and spend the day running to the bathroom. I could have movie marathons: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings! I could play the Wii or read or do puzzles or write or go to the library or go for a run (just kidding!) I am almost giddy with excitement thinking about all the things that I could do but don’t have to do! It’s nice to have options. Although I am mostly a planner/organizer type person, sometimes it is liberating to just fly by the seat of your pants! At least for a few days…


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