A 20th Birthday

Tomorrow is my youngest son’s 20th birthday, and I am not entirely sure how I feel about it. My children are growing up so quickly, yet I still feel like a twenty-something myself.

Twenty years ago, I was so ready for my second child to be born. My pregnancy was generally good, as were my other two pregnancies; however, with Casey, I did suffer through several months of gallstone attacks. Those were not fun times. In the beginning, I assumed that the pain I was experiencing was heartburn, because I had never had heartburn before and didn’t know what it felt like. Eventually the pain was so extreme that I could not lie down, could not sleep, could not move, and I would literally get sick. A trip to the ER and a bunch of tests revealed that the problem was gallstones, but there really wasn’t a whole lot that could be done except try to avoid eating fatty foods. I went through the rest of my pregnancy feeling half-starved, but I still managed to deliver a healthy, 8 pound and 10 ounce baby boy not too long after lunch had been delivered around the ward. As I was in labour when lunch was delivered, it was simply set aside for later. It was macaroni and cheese, and it was lukewarm by the time I got to eat it, but it was the best thing I had eaten in months!

Casey has always been one to do things his own way. The nurse was just going to put in an IV, so that I could get some pain relief, when I suddenly had to push. The nurse didn’t think that was possible, but Casey was determined to put me through a natural childbirth. The doctor didn’t make it in time, and I survived.

Casey is very much like his father in many ways. The older Casey gets the more his personality mirrors his father’s. To be honest, sometimes that can be highly exasperating, because their personalities are so different from my own. Casey likes to push buttons. He loves to push my buttons. Now that he is an adult and a university student, he really loves to push my buttons. Since he is in his third year of Human Kinetics and I am into training, powerlifting and healthy living, Casey takes great joy in pushing my buttons and contradicting everything that I say.

But I still love him!

He was more cuddly as a toddler and young child than he is now. I can only get a hug if I coerce or bribe him, but I do secretly enjoy the way that he addresses me depending on the situation. Sometimes he calls me “Mother of Pearl”. Other times it is simply “Mother!” with just the right inflection or “Angela” with a sassy tone that makes me laugh.

It really is no fun to have your birthday so close to Christmas, and I am sure that we haven’t always done a great job at ensuring that his birthday is a separate yet special day of its’ own. I am sorry! And so, when I asked Casey what he wanted to do for his birthday dinner tomorrow night and he said lasagna but homemade, I said okay even though I was cringing inside. The last thing I want to tomorrow is make a big, labour-intensive meal, knowing that there will be plenty of time in the kitchen preparing for Christmas, but my precious baby boy deserves to have his birthday celebrated without being overshadowed by Christmas.

Casey, we love you! Happy birthday!




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