The Adjustment Bureau

How did I become a believer in chiropractic care? Ha! It had been a month since my last confession adjustment, and I was definitely at the twitchy stage, like a junkie needing a fix. As much as I was so ready for this appointment, I was somewhat apprehensive, too. The ongoing hip & toe/disc issue has been more of an issue over these past few weeks, and I’ve had the newer issue of a numb pinky finger and then the shoulder issue that crept in last night. While I knew that I hadn’t done anything to myself, I was…okay, more like, I am frustrated by these more recent tweaks. I have already given up on running for the unforeseeable future, because my chiropractor has said that would be best for the disc issue. I am pretty certain that I would cry if he ever told me to stop powerlifting, and yeah, sometimes my mind takes me down that trail when there is a little random tweak. So, I was ready for an adjustment but also hoping that there wouldn’t be any bad news.

Thankfully, I worry for nothing most of the time! My chiropractor isn’t particularly worried about my pinky or my shoulder. They are generally small issues that shouldn’t take much to overcome. In fact, he said my shoulders are in better shape than those of many powerlifters! He’s the shoulder expert, so I’ll take his word for it.

He brought out the voodoo floss to work on the elbow for the pinky problem…ulnar nerves. I am to resume nerve flossing for the hip/toe problem, and depending on how things go there I may need to resume voodoo flossing the leg. I suppose I can do that.

And so, I walked out of the office feeling much lighter than when I had arrived! Perspective is so important. I knew that I hadn’t injured myself and I know that it is quite normal to experience little aches and pains due to aging and the training, but I still tend to get frustrated over every perceived set-back. As my coach says…the level you are performing at, little tweaks will come up here and there. It’s how we deal/overcome them that makes all the difference.

Some days I don’t deal all that well, but those bad days are getting shorter all the time.


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