When the Going Gets Tough

Yesterday I made a comment on Facebook about feeling ill-prepared for today and tomorrow, two of my busiest and longest days of the week. I also said that I didn’t particularly care that I wasn’t ready for these days but would likely regret that at some point when the lack of preparation came back to haunt me. Well, I came home from the gym close to 5:30 tonight and had no dinner waiting for me. Instant grumpiness! It’s partly my fault for not planning ahead and partly my youngest son’s fault, or at least that is how I see it. I did ask him to prepare dinner (I had stuff just needing to be cooked!), but he opted to go to school to study for his exam rather than study at home and make dinner. Yes, I expressed my disappointment, especially as he is constantly harassing me to bring him food. <sigh> My husband took pity on me, or he has learned the best way to soothe the savage beast, and took me out for dinner at a neighbourhood restaurant. I just wanted something close and fast but good. It fit the bill perfectly, and I am no longer starving…just now rushed to get other things done before I need to get to bed, because my day starts supremely early! Maybe one day I will learn not to put off essential preparations!

1a. squats-high bar, knee sleeves

45 x 8, 95 x 5 with a pause on last rep, 135 x 5, 155 x 3, 175 x 3

Now I haven’t used my belt since the competition in October, but Michael thought it would be a good idea to use it for my next set. Last week I set a beltless PR single at 205 and a beltless PR of 10 reps at 185. I’m sure that I could have increased the weight for another higher rep set without a belt, but I listen to my coach. It’s not always about what I know I can do!

At some point in the near future, I am hoping to get a new belt that will be legal in both of the federations that I compete in. My current belt is only legal in 100% RAW, although I have been able to use it in the BCPA so far as long as the logo has been covered with tape. Michael has the same belt that I am interested in getting myself, so he had me use it today. It’s thicker than my belt and not as broken in. I required Michael’s assistance to get it on and off for the first two sets, but I managed to do it all by myself for the last set.

with belt: 195 x 8 This set started off a little slow and possibly shaky, but it got better, easier as the reps went on. It initially looked like Michael might call it at 6 reps, but then he asked for two more. After the eighth rep, I was ready to do 2 more for the full 10, but he called it. No big deal.

195 x 8, 170 x 10

1b. bench press-competition grip

43 x 10, 63 x 8, 83 x 8, 93 x 8

98 x 8 using a grip in-between my close and competition grip

78 x 8 with a 4 second eccentric…my bar path was not very good on the 7th rep otherwise I might have been able to get a couple more reps for sure.

2. rack pulls

135 x 5

I didn’t think I was looking too pained, but Michael must have seen something to make him ask how I was feeling. Generally I was okay, but there was a little bit of back soreness. I thought it might be fine on the next set.

with straps: 185 x 4 + 3

Again, there was some back soreness when I reached the lockout position, so Michael told me to stop after the fourth rep. I explained when I was feeling the soreness, and he said that I was probably using my back too much and should focus on squeezing my glutes at lockout. I finished with three more reps following his advice, and the back soreness was no longer a problem.

205 x 8, 205 x 8

We didn’t increase the weight for the final set, because Michael said they looked a little tough today. To be honest, they did feel a little tough.

3. And because I need to decompress that spine…a set of toes to bar for a piddly 5 reps. I know I could have, should have been able to do more, but the hands got slippery and they just felt really tough! Hmmm, I’m sensing a bit of a trend here. I guess Michael was right when he mentioned that we should de-load soon!


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