Sunday Night Rush

I’m looking forward to the end of November and NaBloPoMo, not because I don’t enjoy blogging but rather that I am feeling the strain of my self-imposed pressure to blog every day. My husband would say that I don’t need to blog daily. He’s right, but I’m not sure that he always understands my determination and drive in the face of a challenge or goal. This is why it is now 7:16 PM on a Sunday night, and I am shovelling food in my face while furiously typing away to get this blog post done, so I can put myself to bed. I am only 8 hours away from the start of my day, which means that I won’t get enough sleep because I’ll be lucky to get into bed within the next hour. Even 7 hours is not enough sleep! I have already decided to allow myself an extra fifteen minutes of sleep tonight, but getting up at 3:30 instead of 3:15 really won’t mean anything. I almost started entertaining thoughts of a nap after work tomorrow…until I remembered all the things that I need to do before going to my training session, things that I could have/would have done today had it not been for the Grey Cup party I attended. Tomorrow afternoon’s window of opportunity is only 2.5 hours long. There will not be a nap in my future. <sigh> I am also supposed to be in two different places tomorrow night, but I kind of don’t want to go to either place. I am already thinking about skipping out on those activities so I can get to bed at a reasonable time. Sometimes it seems like my life is all about eating, sleeping, training and work.


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