Renos: Living on a Prayer

It feels slightly odd to be posting on a non-training related post tonight. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are training posts, because those are the days that I train, except when I don’t and today I didn’t. At any other time of the year, I could take this opportunity to skip a blog post, but it is November which means NaBloPoMo and the end is oh so close! I have managed, through all the chaos currently in my life, to post every day of November thus far, and I am determined to finish the month well. But what do I blog about today then?

I had a great blog post idea pop into my head early this morning, or was it late last night? My brain is AWOL, and that blog post will require more thought and time than I currently have, so it will need to wait for another day…unless, of course, I forget what the idea was altogether!

I could write about muscle soreness, because I am certainly well-acquainted with that phenomenon and have been experiencing it for the past few weeks. However, my family doesn’t even appreciate my moans and groans, so I will spare you my sad tale of woe.

How about renovation woe? For the sake of brevity, because I do need to get to bed within the next 2 hours, I will not go into too much depth. Trust me…I could rant until pigs fly and aliens invade the earth, but I will try to keep it short (ish) and civil.

We have been without a stove or sink for nearly two weeks. I am so sick of take-out, eating out, and microwavable frozen dinners. I am tired of washing dishes in the bathtub. Tired of the chaos and clutter and mess. The end is in sight, more or less, although there are too many moments when it feels like that end will never, ever come to pass. The cabinets that were supposed to be delivered last week were finally delivered on Monday of this week. At the end of Tuesday, I was told they would be finished on Wednesday. On Wednesday, I had to run around choosing hardware and countertop, even though I had already selected both months previously when I selected my cabinets. (Oh how I could rant about that day!) The countertop wasn’t installed until yesterday…several hours after it was supposed to be installed. A worker came late this afternoon to install my two cabinet doors with glass panels. Well, the doors are installed, but he didn’t bring the proper tool to install the hardware! Why am I not even surprised? One cabinet won’t have doors for at least a week, because the wrong size was sent for them. The crown moulding is supposed to be done early next week, but if I hold my breath waiting for them to show up as scheduled, then I might actually pass out for lack of oxygen. I might not always breathe as much as my coach would like when I am training, but I’m not a complete idiot…I know when NOT to hold my breath! And, to be honest, if the crown moulding goes up without a hitch I will be astonished. Even when that has been completed, we still won’t be finished with the cabinet guy, because he will need to come back for the valance to hide the under-cabinet lighting which can’t be done until I do the tile backsplash! Something tells me that I will not waste a lot of time getting that backsplash done!

Okay. Enough ranting.

My kitchen is looking mighty pretty, even if it is still unfinished. I have begun to put stuff back into cabinets, although there is still a lot left to put away. My plan is to purge as I go, because I know we have far too much useless crap taking up space. Of course, I have much more space to use in my kitchen now, but I’d still really like to thin things out a bit.

Kane, my wonderful plumber husband, has had some difficulty in installing the sink, but I think he has almost got it now. Or maybe it is finished and I don’t even know it! That would be nice. Once that is finished, then perhaps the stove can be wrangled back into place. Do you know what that means? I might actually be able to cook dinner at home tomorrow night?! Do I remember how to cook? I might need groceries.

I’d share some pictures, but I’m on my husband’s computer. My laptop is still down for the count and there doesn’t seem to be any rush to get it fixed or replaced. I don’t enjoy being without my laptop, but I guess it can simmer on the back burner, so long as I get my kitchen back soon.


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