Mid-Weak Wednesday

On Mondays, I like to say that squats are my favourite exercise, while on Fridays, I say that deadlifts are my favourite. What is my favourite exercise on Wednesdays? Uh…I’m still waiting to figure that one out! I am always glad to go to my training sessions. I am always happy to put in the hard work, but Wednesdays are not my favourite. Wednesdays are usually upper body days. The exercises may vary, but they typically involve all the things that I am not very good at or the things that make me feel incredibly weak. Even though Wednesdays are not my favourite, I am still willing to put in the work, because I know the value of the effort and the importance of the “little” things in the overall big picture. I just have to keep reminding myself of that every Wednesday morning!

1a. decline push-ups with my knees on a bench

I knew these were going to show up today, because Michael warned me on Monday. Remember one of my new crazy goals was to do a handstand push-up…well, that means I get to do these crazy things. I don’t think my glutes are sore from Monday’s squats; I’ve really just been kicking myself for the past several days! Put 200+ pounds on my back and tell me to squat and I will believe that I can. Ask me to lower my head 12 inches below the rest of my body using my arms and I feel fear. Go figure.

x 6 for 5 sets

The last set was the best. It took me that long to figure out the proper position for my elbows to stay over my wrists.

1b. chin-ups using small green band, neutral grip

x 6 for 5 sets

This is a small improvement over last week, and I’ll take improvement in any way, shape or form!

2a. double kettle bell presses, standing

8 kg x 10, 10 kg x 10, 12 kg x 6 plus 1 ugly push press rep, 12 kg x 5 + 3 push press

25 lb dumbbell presses x 4

2b. single arm kettle bell row

20 kg x 15 each, 24 kg x 12 each, 24 kg x 12 each, 24 kg x 15 each

3. dumbbell curls…running the rack!

25 lb x 7, 20 x 8, 15 x 7, 10 x 10, 8 x 10, 5 x 50



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