The Semblance of Sunday

It is approaching 3:00 on this Sunday afternoon, and I am still waiting for my day to properly begin. Oh, I’ve had coffee and food and I’ve been dressed for hours; however, I have yet to begin the numerous tasks that tend to make up the bulk of this hump day. Sundays are weird days for me. They are a solitary day off work, the ‘catch my breath’ day after two crazy days of work and the ‘get everything done in preparation’ for the next two long & crazy days. I skipped church this morning, but that didn’t get me any further ahead. Instead, most of my day has been spent in the car or browsing stores looking at laptops and tile. It’s just been one of those days.

Usually I would get a little stressed out by the unpredictable nature of a today. Sundays are like the centre point of my week. I think I tend to place more weight on the importance of what I do on a Sunday than it actually deserves, but the next two days truly are long, especially Mondays. I barely have time to breathe on Mondays, so today’s preparations need to get me through to the end of work on Tuesday. Once I finish work on Tuesday, it is my weekend and I can deal with just about anything.

Even though I just now threw the first load of laundry into the wash, I am not stressed out. My bedtime is a mere 4 hours from now, and there is so much yet to get done. I am not stressing…not much. Life is in such a state of chaos right now that this feels like a simple hiccup. And really, it is.

But the end should be in sight! The kitchen cabinets are to be delivered and installed tomorrow. By the time I have my first break at work tomorrow, the cabinets should be arriving at my house. By the time I get home from work, great progress should have been made. By the time I get home from the gym, I really hope that the work will be finished. There will be work yet to do, of course, but having the cabinets and countertop in place will mean that I can begin to put things back into place, which means that life will begin to feel a little less chaotic and stressed. Good news, right! I think so.

Unless, of course, something happens and the cabinets do not come in the morning. I don’t even want to think about that possibility, but I expected the cabinets to come last Thursday already. Anything is possible. I wasn’t happy about the last delay. I would probably lose it if there was another delay. No probably about it actually. I know I would lose it. So for now, I am just going to believe that everything will happen tomorrow as it is expected to happen.


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