Laptop Down

It’s Saturday night, and I am in a particularly good mood. That might be the glass of wine talking, or it could be the fact that I actually ate real food for dinner. Regardless of the reason, I am glad for it, because my laptop doesn’t seem to want to work and that is not good news. So, I am sitting in the basement, typing on my husband’s desktop computer while sitting on a chair! <gasp> I seldom sit on a chair, yet here I am for as long as it takes me to type a blog post and catch up on Facebook. If my laptop doesn’t cooperate in the morning, then I will be sad. Sometimes technology is a wonderful thing and sometimes it just really sucks. It isn’t the end of the world to use my husband’s computer; it’s just a hassle. Sitting isn’t the most comfortable thing for me to do either.

My laptop is several years old already, and I’ve had to take it in twice over the past year or so. I have had to replace the fan as well as some little battery or some such thing for the screen. I think that battery might be the issue again, because I am fairly certain that I am experiencing the same problem with a computer that turns on but a screen that does not. Whatever the situation, it can’t even begin to be addressed until Monday, at the earliest, and that’s assuming that I can get all my little ducks in a row to enable me to take it in to the shop within my teensy time frame of free time that day. Two and a half hours is not a lot of free time. It is certainly more than enough time to drop off a laptop for repair, but I usually have a lot to cram into those 2.5 hours!

One thing that will fall by the wayside with my using my husband’s computer is using book titles for blog post titles. All of my books are upstairs. Kane’s computer is downstairs. I would choose the title after I had written my blog post in an effort to pick a book title that sort of worked with the theme of the blog post; however, I really don’t fancy an extra trip up the stairs just to find a title that fits my sub-theme. Does that make me lazy? Possibly…but I do train legs and they are often at least a little sore, making the stairs an uncomfortable thing to tackle. Does that work for an excuse? Not really? Tough crowd! What about that glass of wine? And the fact that I am usually up between 3 and 4 o’clock in the morning? I think those are quite valid reasons to limit my excess stair-climbing in the evening, especially when it is past my typical bedtime. Works for me! It is much more important for me to blog every day in November so as to be successful at NaBloPoMo than it is to use a book title. So there!


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