The Gun Seller

I had a bit of a different kind of experience this morning when I walked into the gym. My trainer was finishing up with another client, a young woman I haven’t met before. When she finished her session, she actually looked at me and seemed to get a little excited that she recognized me as “the one who won that competition!” Ha ha! Yeah, I guess that’s me, as long as she was talking about a powerlifting competition! It is a little weird though to be recognized for an achievement by someone who has never seen you in person before. I have had people comment on having seen me on television, thanks to the little feature that Shaw did on me in August; however, those have all been people who actually know me on some level. Since Michael posts about some of his clients’ achievements on Facebook, I am assuming that this is how this young lady recognized me, which is still cool. And still a little weird. But cool.

1a. dumbbell incline presses

20 lbs x 12 When Michael asked how that set felt, I said it was rather easy but he never said anything to me about increasing the weight. I’m sure he would have, but he was helping my training buddy. So, I cast aside my fear of the 25 pound dumbbells and grabbed them for the next set.

25 lbs x 10, 25 x 10 This time Michael did say that I should increase the weight.

30 lbs x 10, 30 x 9

1b. chin-ups with small green band, neutral grip, and leaving 2 reps in the tank

x 1 lightly grazed both the back of my head and my nose on the rack…I think this is something that only I could manage to do! Changed the way I was facing for another 4 reps

x 5, x 5, x 5 x 6 We both kind of forgot that the last set was supposed to be AMRAP until the very last moment. I had pretty much already finished my fifth rep when Michael said to keep going. That sixth rep felt a bit harder than it might have had I remembered to keep going the whole way and maybe I could have got in another rep.

But the chins weren’t so bad today! They are not a favourite, and I often see a rapid drop in reps. What a difference leaving a couple of reps in the tank made to my consistency and number of reps overall!

2a. dips using blue band

x 8, x 8, x 8, x 11

Dips aren’t very high on my list of favourites either, but these were okay today. The first couple of sets felt easy and fast. The third set was a little tougher but still decent. Michael wanted me to do as many reps as possible for the last set and made a comment about getting at least 11. While I didn’t say anything, in my head I was telling myself that I was going to get 12, because I usually want to do better than expected. I did the eleventh rep and started the twelfth…I think I might have dipped too low and then just couldn’t get myself back up. Michael seems to feel like he shouldn’t say a number, because I always seem to reach my finishing point right at that number! I suppose that is true sometimes but not always. I sure didn’t want 11 to be the end today.

2b. single arm kettle bell rows

16 kg x 4 each just to feel the weight + 20 kg x 15

20 kg x 15, 20 kg x 15, 24 kg x 10

3a. dumbbell preacher curls

15 lbs x 10, x 9, x 8 + some regular curls to finish…the left arm stopped moving at 3, while the right arm finished the fourth rep.

3b. triceps pull downs, bringing the elbows up higher at the top range of motion

40 lbs x 15, x 15, x 10

3c. chest-supported rear laterals

10 lbs x 12, x 12, x 15

Rear laterals have long been near the top of my most disliked list of exercises, although they have been looking better lately. Today, I hated them. I couldn’t even hide my dislike for the rear laterals today.

3d. incline flyes

10 lb dumbbells x 12

switch to a flat bench and 15 lb dumbbells for 2 sets of 10

My arms felt like jelly, and then I got to go home and put on another coat of paint in my kitchen! Gotta love two arm workouts in one day!

(The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie)



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