The Painted Veil

I am not a painter. I do not particularly enjoy painting. I absolutely detest the prep work involved with painting. If there was no need to cut-in painting wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe.

Today I put on the first coat of colour on my kitchen walls. The good news is that the actual amount of wall space needing colour is relatively small. The bad news is that I had to cut-in along the newly painted white ceiling. It’s not perfect, but I thought I did a fairly decent job…for me. I know I am not a professional painter, so I can live with my little imperfections. My husband has been giving me a hard time over the little imperfections, sending pictures to his renovation expert buddy, and basically mocking my efforts. Whatever.

I am the one painting the colour. I will be the one doing the second coat tomorrow. I am the one who uses the kitchen the most, and I really don’t spend my time there staring at the ceiling. But keep mocking me and you will get grumpy Angela very quickly.

(The Painted Veil by W. Somerset Maugham)


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