House Rules

I am laying here wondering how I will get everything done today that I would normally get done on a Sunday afternoon. It hasn’t been a typical Sunday, but I still need to get up 3:15 tomorrow morning and go to work.

The laundry has been done. My work clothes are ready to go in the bathroom.

I do not know what we will have for supper, and I no longer have any sort of kitchen to work with. We removed the rest of the cabinets today, and I am expected to prime the drywall yet tonight. Ideally, my bedtime is in 3.5 hours. Since I don’t know what I am eating for dinner yet, I cannot complete my food log to print it off for my trainer tomorrow. Guess I might need to do that in my brief window of “down” time between work and the gym tomorrow! Post-training will be more painting when I will really just want to crawl into bed.

But my daughter is home from New York now! She no sooner walked into the house than her suitcase vomited all over the last bit of free space on the living room floor.

I’m not feeling stressed at all…

(House Rules by Jodi Picoult)


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