The Kitchen God’s Wife

The day started off slow and frustrating, like I really just wanted to bang my head against a wall or slap some sense into a few customers, although I highly doubt that either action would have been helpful in the end. Being in customer service can be an enjoyable experience, but sometimes customers, at least a few, should be required to take courses in common sense & courtesy, anger management and ‘how to order so that you don’t sound like an idiot’. Yeah, that’s a tiny glimpse into what my work day looked like, but I suppose it could have been worse.

On the home-front, it seems like the kitchen reno has been stuck in limbo for an eternity. I know that isn’t true, but I am weary of having only half of a functional kitchen and of the chaos that has taken over the rest of the main floor because of it. The drywall guy taped Thursday night and did the mudding last night. Tomorrow he will be back to do the sanding. The new bulkheads look so nice, and the progress, as small as it may be, is exciting. However, I’m beginning to feel insanity rising as the pressure to get through the next steps increases. The cabinets are coming Wednesday morning…ready or not! So, we need to begin the painting process tomorrow night once the drywall has been sanded. My assistance will be heavily required, but I will also be heading in to my two long, busy days. I might need to live on coffee next week! Ack!

But for tonight, there will be wine and quality time spent with some girlfriends!

(The Kitchen God’s Wife by Amy Tan)


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