Law of Dreams

The weird dreams go ever on in my world. As often seems to happen, I woke up about 20 minutes before my alarm, looked at the clock and tried to squeeze out as much sleep as I could in the time left to me. Boy, did I take advantage of it! The next thing I knew I was looking at the clock again, except that there was no glowing red numbers to see, so I figured the power had gone out and got up to get ready for work. As I was in the bathroom, I heard my youngest son call my name in a panic. I went into his room to see what was wrong, and he was 7 years old instead of almost 20. I dealt with his problem and returned to the bathroom to finish getting ready for work, but then my aunt and a cousin were needing help. They live in Calgary. Then my alarm buzzed, for real, and I was confused for a moment, wondering why it was buzzing when the power had been out and I was already awake. That’s how real the dream felt, even though it was most definitely not normal by any stretch of an awake imagination!

1a. front squats with knee sleeves

45 x 8, 95 x 5, 115 x 3, 135 x 3, 155 x 3, 175 x 1, 185 x 1 PR, 195 x 0

135 x 8 x 2 sets

I was a little excited when Michael said that we’d possibly try for a PR today, depending on how my quad felt and whether or not I babied it while squatting. Monday’s rack split squats didn’t feel very good for my right quad. The muscle has been feeling a lot better since then, but I can still feel some discomfort if I do some bodyweight lunges. Bodyweight squats didn’t seem to be a problem, so I was confident that I’d have no problem with the front squats. Michael just needed to make sure, and everything was good. I didn’t have any slight twisting of my body and the quad didn’t hurt.

My previous PR was 175 pounds for a single, and that was set quite some months ago. The rep at 185 today felt slower than the rep at 175 but stronger, smoother. My sense of time is deceptive though, because we took video of both and the actual time was quite similar. I tried for 195, but the bar tipped forward a bit and I lost my back. Normally I don’t like missing a rep, but I’m okay with this one. Well, I would have preferred to have made it, but I can’t be upset about the failure. You can’t be perfect all the time! I will get it next time.

1b. supine dumbbell presses

25 lbs x 10, 29 x 10, 29 x 10, 34 x 8, 34 x 10 with a 2 second pause on the last rep

Do you remember how often I whimper over the 25 pound dumbbells? Well, I didn’t whimper today! These presses felt so easy. Michael had me focus on making a slight rotation of the shoulders before I began, as if I was trying to break the bar if I was using the bar.

2a. deadlifts using my squat stance

135 x 8

touch & go with straps: 165 x 8, 185 x 7

I’m glad I still had my knee sleeves on, because I definitely kept the bar closer to my legs for more reps than not. I could hear the rasp of the bar against my socks. The last set felt really heavy, which it shouldn’t have now that I am home and actually looking at the numbers; however, I did do a bunch of front squats so the legs were pretty much Jello by the time I started the deadlifts. If that wasn’t enough, the deadlifts were mixed in with hip thrusts and kettle bell swings.

2b. hip thrusts

135 x 12, 165 x 11, 165 x 10

2c. kettle bell swings

20 kg x 20, 20 kg x 20, 20 kg x 8

After the last set of hip thrusts, my lower back was incredibly sore. Not injury sore…just sore as in “you’ve worked those muscles very hard!” I had to take a moment to try to stretch it out. I tried to do that last set of swings, but I had to stop after 8.

(Law of Dreams by Peter Behrens)


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