The Company You Keep

“40 Things about Michael on His 40th Birthday!”

  1. Michael is always learning. I appreciate this fact, because it tells me that he is open to change, to growth, and that he isn’t stubbornly stuck on believing that he knows it all already.
  2. He is funny. Granted, sometimes his jokes are on the lame side of humour, but I am well acquainted with bad jokes. He is getting better at not making me laugh while I am in the middle of a squat! I appreciate that a lot.
  3. Michael is my tour guide through the maze that is health and fitness. This was his description for himself and I kind of like it, although I do still like my descriptions.
  4. He is one of the people who I jokingly refer to as “the boss”. There is nothing negative in my tone when I say that, and I would never say that Michael is bossy. He’s not! However, he is one of a select few who can tell me what to do with the reasonable expectation that I will obey, even when the task is unpleasant.
  5. He is a cheerleader…without the short skirt and pompoms!
  6. He is a motivator. Michael always seems to know the best way to get me to do what he wants me to do in the gym.
  7. He is an encourager. Sometimes I get frustrated. Sometimes I doubt my ability. Michael can encourage me to be more, do more than I think I can, because he believes in me and sees my potential.
  8. Michael is a butt-kicker, because sometimes that is exactly what is needed.
  9. He is a counsellor. He asks questions, he listens, and he imparts wisdom.
  10. He is thoughtful in sending texts and videos to show the way, to ensure proper form, and to work a problem area.
  11. Fist bumps! They are the best.
  12. Michael is more than just my trainer. He is a friend. When I am sad or grumpy, he can make me smile or genuinely laugh out loud.
  13. He is my coach! Who would have thought that I would become a competitive athlete at this stage of life! My coach is amazing.
  14. Michael is a good dad to three of the cutest little girls. I just love them!
  15. He has an equally amazing wife! Tara is incredible and inspiring. He is blessed.
  16. It is unequivocally Michael and Tara’s fault that I like coffee now! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
  17. It is also their fault that I like wine now. 😉
  18. Michael is strong, but I can out-swing him with a kettle bell! Just sayin’
  19. He understands and reads people very well. It’s almost kind of eerie really.
  20. It is 100% Michael’s fault that I am a powerlifter! I never even knew what powerlifting was before I met Michael.
  21. He helped me lose 30 pounds and now he’s asking me to put a few pounds back on. Not many men can get away with asking a woman to gain weight!
  22. Michael knows what I am capable of and pushes me beyond it without ever pushing too hard or too far.
  23. He lets me lift heavy things from time to time.
  24. Michael has the ability to laugh at himself, and this is a valuable asset.
  25. He is the reason that I own a Blendtec and actually use it. My kids don’t appreciate my vegetable smoothies, but I do…most of the time.
  26. Can I blame my love for Starbucks on Michael? No? Are you sure? Ok then.
  27. Thanks to Michael’s training, I have run my fastest ever 5K and 10K races. I never thought that I could run a 5K in under 30 minutes or a 10K in under an hour.
  28. Michael has saved my face from a dumbbell at least once or twice.
  29. When the squats get heavy or difficult, I know he has my back! I don’t completely fail on a squat very often, but he’s always there when I do.
  30. Not much gets past him. He sees when I roll my eyes, smirk or miss a rep.
  31. Even when he’s tired, he always has a cheery greeting when I walk into the gym.
  32. I have personalized his texts to my phone, so I hear a Tie Fighter every time he sends me a text. The sound of an ion cannon makes my heart happy.
  33. He’s nervous when I compete, which means that I don’t have to be!
  34. Because I trust him, Michael could ask me to do just about anything fitness or nutrition related and I would do it. I would lose the ability to even consider saying ‘no’ if he presented it as a challenge.
  35. He sees my potential, even when I think it looks quite hazy.
  36. He isn’t afraid to push me, but he also knows when to play it safe. I know that he won’t place me into a potentially dangerous situation.
  37. He is the best trainer for me!
  38. He’s helping me become the best version of myself. I think he might have had a better idea of what that looked like well before I ever did!
  39. He makes understanding nutrition a little easier and simpler.
  40. I am incredibly blessed to know Michael.

(The Company You Keep by Neil Gordon)


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