Frailty of Flesh

I don’t understand why so many guys seem to prefer skipping leg day to work arms and chest. I DO NOT GET IT! Seriously. I would so rather do leg day than upper body…like if it were totally up to me I would have massive legs and scrawny arms. Okay, so maybe I would do some upper body work, but I wouldn’t over-exert myself, would quit when the going got tough, and would stick to the little pink dumbbells. Upper body day is tough. It sucks and makes me feel weak. However, I have a trainer who would never let me train in such a poor and unbalanced manner, and I am ultimately glad that he won’t.

1a. dips

with small green band: x 10, x 10

with blue band: x 9

without a band but with Michael providing a bit of a push on my feet: x 6

See, that last set is a perfect example of something that I wouldn’t do if it were up to me. Hello? You want me to do dips without a band? Are you crazy?!  But I did some! They felt tough, and the last rep required much more assistance from Michael.

1b. chin-ups

with large green band, neutral grip: x 10

That was too easy so had to switch to the small green band: x 7, x 4 with a wee bit of a push for the last bit of the last two reps, x 3 with an underhand grip

no band, neutral grip, 5 reps of an 8 second eccentric

2a. dumbbell skull crushers immediately followed with dumbbell close grip presses

25 lbs x 15 crushers + 6ish presses…my arms were essentially noodles by the time I got to the presses!

20 lbs x 4 + 6

20 lbs x 6 strict, 2 less strict + 2 presses

These sucked, but the good news is that I managed to avoid crushing my skull with the dumbbells. And yes, that did almost happen!

2b. single arm kettle bell rows

16 kg x 20 each, x 20, x 15

2c. dumbbell preacher curls

15 lbs x 10, x 5…drop to 10 lbs x 7, 10 lbs x 15!

It’s a little thing, I know, but I was stoked about getting 15 reps on that last set. My arms were feeling like dead weight by this point.

3a. sandbag carries

70 lbs x 3 lengths

This one was held a little bit lower which wasn’t fun for my poor biceps.

70 lbs x 5 lengths with the sandbag held closer and higher.

100 lbs x 2.5 lengths, drop the extra 30 pounds for another 3 lengths

70 lbs x 5 lengths plus a set of 8 bent-over rows using the sandbag for 2 sets

4a. triceps press-downs

2 sets of 10 @ 40 pounds

4b. hammer curls

What? You want me to do more curls? I think my arms are going to fall off.

20 lbs x 5…yup they’re going to fall off, drop to 15 lbs x 5

15 x 13

Michael probably wanted me to start with the 25 lb dumbbells for that last set, but I didn’t. I’m over it.

My arms feel pumped. And sore. Michael laughed when I couldn’t reach over my head to adjust the hood on my hoodie, but he also asked at one point if I hated him yet. Nope…not even close.

My training session was a bit later than I am used to, so I made dinner for my family before I left for the gym. I made it quite clear that I would eat when I got home. Of course, I was starving by the time I got home…and all the food was gone! So not cool.

(Frailty of Flesh by Sandra Ruttan)


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