The Bone Collector

Today I am taking my daughter for her first chiropractic appointment since she was a toddler. She has been complaining about her back being sore and crackly for a while now, and, since I happen to know a chiropractor that I actually like and trust, I figured that I could bring my baby in for a visit.

Abby is a little frightened, I think, although I really don’t know why she feels that way. She has certainly heard me talk about Ben over the past year and a half, so she should know exactly how I feel about him and his treatment of me. Hmmm. Okay, so maybe I can understand her fear just a little bit! After all, I have come home with Rock Tape on body parts. Ben has left bruises and nasty looking red marks. He has twisted and contorted my body in ways that a pretzel could only look on with envy, and sometimes it has hurt. I suppose all that might be intimidating to a young woman who claims to have a low tolerance for pain; however, I suspect know that she is also worried about something else.

There is something else that Ben has often done during my appointments and that is give me exercises to do at home. He has never told me to go for a run (and likely never will!). He has never prescribed 200 pound squats, 100 burpees or even 10 push-ups. Everything that he has asked me to do has been fairly simple, basic and designed to improve my movement in one way or another. Ben doesn’t tell me to do something without purpose behind it, and, as he likes to point out, I beat my body up and he fixes me. Abby, unlike her mother, is not beating her body up with physical activity on a regular basis. Abby has an aversion to physical activity, and this is where I think the root of her fear lies. She is worried that Dr. Ben may tell her to do something that looks like exercise! In fact, she has even questioned my motives in making her an appointment with Ben so quickly after she began to complain about her back. She thinks that I did so in the hopes that Ben will make her exercise. Silly girl.

I have reassured my daughter that she will be just fine. Dr. Ben really is a great guy, and I know that she will love him. Besides, he has the cutest little baby girl, and Abby is currently quite obsessed with babies. Ben could probably twist her all up without her even noticing if he had pictures of his baby for Abby to look at!

(The Bone Collector by Jeffrey Deaver)


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