Pilgrim’s Progress

It’s funny, at least to me, how you can know that you are doing more work while at the same time not really having a firm grasp on just how much more work you are doing. Is that as clear as mud?

Since I had three powerlifting competitions this year, my training has followed a fairly consistent pattern of building the base and then peaking for the competition. I am used to having more volume thrown at me following a competition. It is easy to see that the volume of reps has increased, but I don’t always consider the overall weight. So, just for fun and my own personal fixation on data, I did some calculations and comparisons today.

On my last heavy squat day prior to the last competition, I did 32 reps for a total of 4310 pounds. Yesterday, I did 50 reps for a total of 6800 pounds.

On my last heavy deadlift day prior to the last competition, I did 29 reps for a total of 5035 pounds. Last Friday, I did 48 reps for 7360 pounds.

In a slightly similar yet different manner, my food logs have also seen an increase in volume! 😉

Two weeks after my July competition looked like this:

total calories-14 807; carbs-1675g; fat-419g; protein-999g

Last week, which was two weeks after my last competition:

total calories-16 969; carbs-2076g; fat-605g; protein-805g

I weigh about 7 pounds more today than I did in April. If I were a typical female I might freak out about that a little…or a lot, but I’m not that typical girl anymore. Despite the weight gain, my clothes still fit. I pulled my one pair of jeans out of the drawer last Saturday. I don’t think I had worn jeans since early April, but they slipped on just as easily now as they did then. That makes me happy! Trust me when I say that I wouldn’t feel so laid back about gaining a few more pounds if my clothes started getting tight in all the wrong places!


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